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Carpenter Ants And Termites Compared

March 16, 2015

Image of A Carpenter Ant

When the trees begin to bud and the warm weather returns, termites and carpenter ants begin a new cycle. This is when mature colonies produce swarmers and send them out to create new colonies, and ensure the continuation of the species. If you're a homeowner you're going to want to get up to speed on these two insects. What better way to do that than to compare and contrast the two with each other.

Similar: Termites and carpenter ants are both a class of invertebrates within the arthropod phylum that have a chitinous exoskeleton, three body parts, and three pairs of jointed legs. This makes them both insects.

Different: Though termites have three parts--the head, thorax and abdomen--they do not have the distinctly thin waist an ant has.

Similar: Both of these insects create swarmers in spring and send them out to create new colonies. These swarmers nest under rocks and in moist soil or wood.

Different: Termites swarmers are about half the size of ant swarmers.

Similar: Both of these swarmers lose their wings after they mate inside the swarm. These can be found on window sills, back decks, walkways, and sidewalks.

Different: Termite swarms have four wings that are the same length. The wings on ant swarmers are two different sizes.

Similar: Termites and carpenter ants both chew on the wood of your home and can cause property damage.

Different: Termites consume wood and cost billions of dollars to U.S. property owners each year. Carpenter ants burrow galleries through wood and cost U.S. property owners millions of dollars each year.

Similar: Termites and ants can both make a colony inside the walls of your home.

Different: Subterranean termites, which are responsible for 90% of all U.S. property damage, require moisture to live. Unlike carpenter ants, these termites will build mud tubes on the walls of a manmade structure so they can travel in and out of the moist soil around the perimeter. The only exception is when they are able to find moisture inside a home, or use their own feces as a moistening substance.

Whether you have carpenter ants or termites, your home is in danger. Both of these insects can create structural problems that are impossible to fix. Seek the assistance of a pest control company if you discover either of these on your property. Modern pest management can safely and effectively destroy insect colonies in your walls and around your home. Don't risk losing thousands of dollars to insect damage. It isn't worth it.


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