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Can Mosquitoes Be Prevented On My Property?

April 15, 2013

Mosquitoes In PA

At Moyer Pest Control, our PA pest control technicians are often asked how mosquitoes can be prevented.  This is a tough one, because although you can do many different things to try to deter mosquito activity around your home, it’s difficult to know about possible mosquito breeding grounds that may be nearby.  Here are a few of our best mosquito prevention tips that you can employ so that there are fewer mosquitoes on your property to ruin your family BBQs this summer. 

Mosquito Prevention Tips:

  1. Remove any and all areas of standing water. Mosquitoes breed in water (and really only require a minuscule amount to do so), so if you have standing water, there’s a very good chance you’ll have mosquitoes. Regularly empty out old tires, buckets, pots, bird baths, kiddie pools and anything else you can think of that may collect rainwater.

  2. If you cut down trees on your property or dig them up, make sure that you’ve not left behind holes that may fill with rainwater. 

  3. If you leave recycling containers or trash cans outdoors, drill holes in the bottom of them to let any collected rainwater flow away.

  4. When wheelbarrows or plastic wading pools are not in use, turn them upside down.

  5. If you have water gardens or ornamental pools on your property, aerate them or fill them with fish to keep the water from becoming stagnant.

  6. Keep swimming pools clean and chlorinated.

  7. Don’t let gutters around your home become clogged with leaves.

  8. If you have low areas on your property that regularly fill with water after a heavy rain, have these areas filled in to eliminate standing water. 

As you can see, all of our mosquito prevention tips center around keeping your property free of standing water.  This is the very best advice we can give you- nothing else that you can do on your own will be as effective in managing mosquito populations on your property as removing the environment(s) that they find favorable for reproduction.  The problem with this prevention technique is that most homeowners cannot find ALL sources of standing water that may be in the vicinity.  And you also have no control over your neighbor’s standing water, so mosquitoes born in your neighbor’s yard can come visit you and your family just as easily as mosquitoes born in your own yard.  If you’ve removed all possible sources of standing water on your own property and you’re still suffering from mosquito populations around your home, contact the pest control professionals at Moyer.  At Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, we provide effective mosquito management in Allentown, Souderton and throughout our Pennsylvania pest control service area.  For more information on our mosquito control programs or our other home pest control services, please contact us today! 

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