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Bringing Home Bed Bugs

June 3, 2016

Do you have college kids? If you do, this is one article you don't want to skip. Bed bugs are a growing issue all across the country, and it is one that causes homeowners to take drastic and dangerous measures to control. At Moyer, we believe that the best way to fight bed bugs is to not get them at all, and unfortunately, college dorms can be a perfect scene for risk of bed bug exposure. Here is what you need to know about bed bugs and college kids.

Dormitories are prime feeding grounds for bed bugs. For a bug that eats blood, there is no better place to look for that food source than in a giant building with hundreds of warm-blooded mammals. And, since many college students can be somewhat messy, these pests will often go unnoticed within the clutter.

Another way dormitories are a target for these pests is that bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug. They aren't going to crawl across the lawn of the campus and squeeze their way into the dorms by way of tiny entry points in exterior walls. They're going to ride in on clothing, inside bags, on bedding, in furniture, and on other transportable objects. Every time students return, there is a new chance bugs will be introduced.

Students who stay in dormitories also come from many different types of places around the world. Some of these places don't have active pest control measures that keep these blood-eating pests at bay. This increases the chances that bed bugs will be introduced.

College students are also prone to doing some things that will increase their chances of getting bed bugs in their dorm rooms. They pick up furniture from yard sales, or off the side of the road, to save some money. They also find places to get discount clothing or they borrow clothing from other people.

When your kids come home from college, there is a chance they may bring bed bugs home with them without knowing. Here are few things you can do to reduce the risk of getting these bugs in your home.

  • Wash and dry all clothing and bedding on the hottest temperature.

  • Be aware that bed bugs can ride in electronics, such as laptops, computers, and alarm clocks. If your kids have tablets that they do their computer work on and a smartphone that wakes them up in the morning, then you have less to worry about.

  • When your kids return to school, be sure to check their room routinely for signs of bed bugs, or have a professional check your home routinely.

If you live in our Pennsylvania service area and need an inspection, or need to have these bugs removed, give us a call. At Moyer, we have bed bug protocols that target these pests safely, discreetly, and effectively.

Life is better when bed bugs are deader.

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