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Beware Of Termites In New Castle

May 19, 2022


Termites creating chaos in your New Castle home may not start with more than a quick termite swarm in your house or on your property, and a termite problem can easily go undetected until damage is serious. Pest control in New Castle is always available to help you defeat this pest.

What Is A Termite?

Termites are small insects well-known for the tendency to chew on leaf litter, soil, and wood. Because of their small size and general undetectability, they are often unseen until an infestation is so widespread that damage starts to appear visually around your home, and your home becomes at risk for structural collapse.

And while there are a few different kinds of termites out there, you will mostly encounter subterranean and drywood termites in New Castle. Both species of termite range from off-white to tannish in color, but subterranean termites are more likely to have nests around your property before moving inside; drywood termites will tunnel directly into the wood of your home.

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What Is A Termite Swarmer

A termite swarmer is a winged reproductive termite that has left its original nest and is looking for another suitable area to settle in and create its own colony. Termite swarmers around your property will typically only swarm for thirty to forty minutes at a time; if they don’t find suitable shelter, they will die of dehydration within a few hours.

A termite swarmer may be solid red or solid black, depending on the species. Once this pest finds a place to settle and pairs off with a termite swarmer of the opposite sex, both termites will shed their wings and start their quest to populate a colony. 

Is It Bad If I See Termite Swarmers Around My Home?

Seeing a termite swarm in your house or termite swarmers around your property can be pretty frightening. And while the sight of them doesn’t necessarily mean you currently have a termite problem, it can mean that termites live near your home or that termites are planning to move into your home and start a colony.

Signs that termites have moved in after a swarming include:

  • Shed wings around windows, baseboards, or elsewhere on your property
  • Pinpoint or pencil-sized holes in walls, baseboards, or wood furniture
  • Termite frass around baseboards, windowsills, and doorjambs
  • A rustling or clicking sound in the walls (this is typically more audible at nighttime when termites are more active)
  • Mud tubes crossing from the outside of your property to the foundation

These early signs of termites are essential to watch for, especially if you have just encountered a termite swarm on your property or in your home. You should also contact Moyer Pest Control if you see termite swarmers or any sign that this pest has moved in because proactive termite control is the best way to avoid severe damage. 

What Should I Do About Termites?

For help with proper termite identification and sightings of termite swarmers around your property, you should contact the best termite control company for your New Castle home – Moyer Pest Control. Our professionals at Moyer Pest Control will waste no time inspecting your property to determine termite problem areas and will provide you with effective solutions that entirely remove this pest from your property.

Don’t let termites take over – reach out to Moyer Pest Control at the first sign of termite invasion for expert assistance.

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