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Bed Bugs In Nursing Homes | Protecting Our West Chester Seniors

November 18, 2019


These blood-sucking pests are anything but normal, but their tendency to follow their food can create significant health and safety issues for our most vulnerable residents. Bed bugs have a reputation for sneaking into homes undetected, especially when it involves a high volume of unwitting residents. It doesn’t take much for bed bugs to get into assisted living facilities and nursing homes, thanks to the amount of traffic that walks in and out of their doors every single day.

With many residents dealing with physical or mental medical issues, bed bug infestations become far more concerning to West Chester facilities across the county. Not only can these creatures spread diseases and parasites, but large numbers of them can lead to anemia in affected patients. Without fast and reliable treatments, the health and safety of many of our senior citizens is put at risk.

Reducing Bedbug Risks

If it seems difficult to prevent bed bugs from wriggling their way inside a residential home, know that it is downright impossible to screen them out of environments like nursing homes. In fact, the best method of securing total bed bug occlusion is to prevent their arrival entirely. Some common ways facility directors protect their residents include:

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  • Putting in measures to reduce the risk of cross-contamination as one of the first lines of defense.

  • Developing a written bed bug action plan with a seasoned professional in the case of infestation or threat of infestation.

Eliminating bed bugs is a far more laborious task than preventing their arrival in the first place. For a comprehensive inspection to verify the status of your facility, call our office at Moyer Pest Control now to schedule a time and location.

Bedbugs? Moyer Pest Control Can Help!

Bed bugs in the home pose a serious problem, but bed bugs infesting the homes of hundreds of senior citizens is even more dire. Once these creatures establish themselves in a mattress, room, or facility, it will be an incredibly difficult process to root them out. If you’re concerned about the presence of bed bug activity around your assisted living facility or nursing home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals for help. Contact Moyer Pest Control today for preventative and corrective bed bug measures that protect your healthcare facility from pests now and for years to come.

Moyer is no stranger to working in sterile, sensitive, and confidential environments, employing the very best of our pest control methods to shield West Chester seniors from the itchy and painful effects of pests. Reach out to Moyer Pest Control today to learn more about what we can do for your facility. 

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