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Bed Bugs Bad Business

October 8, 2015

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This title is not simply a clever alliteration that sounds like a caveman wrote it. Go ahead. You can go back and read it again like a caveman. We'll wait. This title contains the most important thing you need to know about bed bugs. These are bugs that can severely affect your bottom line, if you let them.

When a guests report bed bugs in their room, do your employees already have an actionable plan to set them at ease and offer a solution? We live in an age where bad reviews on a service like Yelp can severely affect your potential revenue, whether you are in the hospitality industry or not. When people want to know what restaurant to go to, they ask their phone. When people want to know what taxi service to take, they ask their phone. In this technological age, bed bugs can really hurt your business.

You may be thinking, "Why does a taxi company have to worry about bed bugs?" Because these are hitchhiking bugs. Before they get to the hotel, they are riding in airplanes, buses, trains, taxis, limos and other forms of transportation. Infestations are found in these places. Bed bugs don't just infest beds. They infest any place they can be near humans that are sitting or lying down.

No matter what type of business you own, you should brush up on the dangers of bed bugs, and train employees to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation. There are many libraries, movie theaters and public municipalities that would have avoided image-damaging press if they had been aware of this threat.

When bed bugs are found in a hotel, motel, cabin, bed and breakfast, resort, cruise ship or other venue where guests come and sleep, it is often too late to stop the bad review from being posted. Which is why it is important to have routine bed bug inspections for such places. If bed bugs are caught early, they can be eradicated discreetly before any incidents take place. But, when an infestation slips past your defenses than be prepared to play damage control. Offer your guests something complimentary and be quick to relocate them to another room, free of charge. It is also important to help your guests understand that bed bugs don't infest dirty places. They are a hitchhiking bug that comes in on other guests. Assure them that you are completely knowledgeable about this pest and that they will be completely safe in a new room that is not adjacent, above or below their old room.

Don't let bed bugs take you by surprise. These bugs are bad for business. Learn what threat they pose to your specific business by researching bed bug incidents at other businesses like yours. And get a professional pest control company, like the experts here at Moyer Pest, to help you write up a bed bug response plan. In this electronic age, you seldom get a chance to make a second impression--and a bad review can prevent you from having the opportunity to make a first. Get ahead of these bad bugs with a call to Moyer Indoor | Outdoor today, we have a number of services available.

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