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Bed Bugs Are Popping Up In Unlikely Places

May 6, 2016

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We all know that bed bugs  can infest hotels and motels. It is also likely that you are aware of how these bugs can hitch a ride home with you from a hotel or motel, but this hitchhiking trait has these blood-eating bugs invading more than just homes. In fact, you may be startled by some of the unlikely places bed bug infestations are being found.

Before we tell you the strange places these pests are showing up, let's take a look at the misconceptions that got them there.

  • Bed bugs only infest hotels and motels. Obviously, this is not true. You can tell that from the title of this article. Thinking that you only have to look for bed bugs when you stay in a hotel or motel room can make you a victim of these bugs. They can be in taxi cabs, buses, trains, planes, and other forms of transportation. You can get bed bugs traveling from your hotel room to the airport, or even on the plane itself.

  • Bed bugs only infest dirty places. When you walk into a lush and beautiful hotel or motel room, you may think you're safe, but you're not. Bed bugs can infest the cleanest places. They aren't drawn to filth; they are drawn to blood.

  • I can only get bed bugs when I travel. This is partly true if your definition of travel is: anytime you move from one place to another. You can get bed bugs when your kids spend the night somewhere. You can get them when you go to work. You can even pick them up when you visit the movie theater or library.

You may already see where we're going with this. You don't have to go on a trip to get bed bugs. Your kids can spend the night at a friend's and have a bed bug lay eggs in their sleeping bag or clothing. They can bring those eggs back to your home, where they can hatch unattended inside your kid's room. A single bed bug from that batch can lay eggs on a bookbinder, and that book can bring those pests to the local library when you return the book. From there, a bed bug can climb into someone's purse and ride home with them to their house. An infestation can grow there, and when those people head off to work, they can bring those bugs with them.

This hitchhiking trait has caused infestations to appear in the most unlikely of places, such as: theaters, libraries, police stations, dispatch centers, schools, social service buildings, courthouses, gas stations, universities, and more.

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