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Bed Bugs And Summer Travel

May 21, 2015

Picture Of A Bed Bug

That much needed vacation time and opportunity for a getaway is upon us and soon to be in full swing. There is nothing like summer travels to help one unwind and lower the stress level. Vacations usually include flying or some other type of public transportation, staying in motels and frequenting popular, crowded events. Unfortunately, that fun-filled vacation, somewhere along the way, also includes the risk of being exposed to an infestation of bed bugs. Those pesky creatures love to hitchhike and catch a ride back to your home with you, either on your clothing or in your suitcases.

Perhaps you have yet to experience a bed bug infestation and are not familiar with what to look for. Bed bugs are not very big, about the size of an apple seed. They are oval shaped insects, brown in color and have a flat body. However, the body of a bed bug swells and turns reddish color after feeding on the blood of humans or animals.

Bed bugs do not fly or jump but are able to move quickly across the floor, up the side of walls or furniture and across ceilings. Bed bugs are nocturnal and their activity and feeding is usually done at night. In fact, bed bug bites occur during the night while people are sleeping. This is done painlessly and undetected at the initial biting. The bed bug pierces the skin and sucks blood through an elongated beak. It only takes from 3 to 10 minutes for the bug to get his fill and crawl away. The bite later develops into an itchy red welt.

People often attribute bed bug infestations to dirty, unkempt conditions. This, however, is a fallacy as bed bugs live entirely on blood and are not attracted to uncleanness. One is just as likely to come in contact with bed bugs in a posh, immaculate hotel as in a messy, cluttered one.

A thorough inspection of the hotel room is highly recommended and will reduce the risk of exposure to pesky bed bugs. Use the following checklist prior to unpacking your suitcase:

  • Lift the sheet and mattress cover and look along the ribbing on the side of the mattress for live bugs.

  • Check sheets, pillow covers and mattress top for tiny dark spots of bed bug fecal matter.

  • Examine the inside of the dresser drawers and nightstand, looking for live bugs and shed skins.

  • Other areas in which bed bugs can be found include behind baseboards, inside outlet covers and receptacles, carpet and furniture.

We also recommend checking your luggage the moment you arrive home from that enjoyable vacation. The last thing you want to do is end your much-needed vacation by transporting these nuisances into your home. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is prepared to come to your rescue in the unfortunate event that your home becomes infested with bed bugs. Learn more about our bed bug control services.

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