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Bed Bugs And Mattresses

June 22, 2015

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Bed bugs are not a pest that anyone wants to deal with. They are called the hitchhiker insect because they hitchhike from host to host on backpacks, luggage, clothing and shoes. If they make it to your home they can hide out in cracks and gaps in your wall or floor for months before you notice them. They multiply quickly and can become a full infestation before you notice the red bite marks on your legs and arms.

So, what can you do to notice them before a full infestation takes over your home? Here are three major signs to look for on your mattress when inspecting it for bed bugs:

  • Rusty red stains in the corner or around buttons and seams. This is from crushed bed bugs.

  • Dark spots about the size of the head of a pin around seams and edges from their fecal matter.

  • Eggs and eggs shells. These are pale yellow and are shed as nymphs grow larger.

If you notice any of these bed bugs signs than you should enlist the help of one of the professional pest exterminators here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor Pest Control and we will help you fully eradicate these pests.

Many people think that ridding themselves of the infected mattress will also rid them of their bed bug problem. This is wrong. Throwing out your mattress is only a brief fix to a bigger bed bug problem. Bed bugs are not limited to living on your mattress. They can hide out for several months before needing a meal. If you throw out your mattress you may rid yourself of the bed bugs on it, but it does not rid you of your complete bed bug problem because they hide out in furniture, walls, outlets, and all cracks and crevices in walls and floors.

Here at Moyer our highly trained professional pest exterminators will take the time to find all the bed bugs in your home and eliminate your current problem as well as prevent any future problems. We can even utilize out K9 inspection service to find out where these pests are hiding out. Don’t hesitate when dealing with a potential bed bug infestation. The sooner you get one of our professional pest exterminator to help, the easier it will be to eliminate these invasive pests. Protect yourself and your family from bed bugs and many other pests with the help of Moyer Indoor | Outdoor Pest Control.

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