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Bed Bugs: A Year-Round Problem

March 27, 2017

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Every year millions of people travel back and forth across the United States. Visiting family, traveling for work, going across the country for school, or taking a much-needed vacation are all a part of today’s life for many Americans. Another thing that is a fact of life today is the problem of bed bugs. They are now found in every state and many of us have gotten into the habit of doing everything that we can while we are traveling to make sure that we do not bring back this ‘souvenir’ that we didn’t ask for.

Over the past few years, having read a lot about staying in places that may be unknowingly harboring bed bugs, many Americans have learned the lesson about what to do when traveling. They are checking every room that they stay in, whether it is a 5-star resort or at a beloved great-aunt’s home. When they return from traveling, suitcases are emptied and every item of clothing is washed in hot water before it even enters the bedroom. Suitcases are vacuumed and inspected with an eagle eye before they are returned to the closet to be stored until the next time.

So, the question is, how are these same homes still reporting bed bug infestations? It turns out that practicing our due diligence when we travel is just not enough. Despite their name and tendencies to spend their time in the soft crevices of beds and sofas when they are in a home, dorm, or hotel, bed bugs are perfectly comfortable waiting for a new host to take them home pretty much anywhere that people are found, including right here in West Chester.

As expert hitchhikers, bed bugs find their way into handbags, jackets, or even pant legs, and go to everyday places that their hosts need to go. Perhaps they are headed to school, giving a bed bug or two the opportunity to be left behind on a bus seat or left in the classroom where they can latch onto a new host and travel home with them. The story is the same whether you substitute classroom with office building, grocery store, doctor’s office, city park bench, or taxi cab.

I think that we can safely all agree, inspecting for bed bugs every time you leave or enter your home isn’t particularly realistic. Since that is the case, protecting your home needs to start with periodic checks of the mattresses, carpet, and furniture where bed bugs might hide; but first, you must know what you should be looking for. Bed bugs do leave behind noticeable evidence such as tiny blood droplets on fabrics such as sheets, pillows, and cushions. They also will leave small brownish smears of waste on and under the mattress. Keep an eye out for tiny black specs which could be bed bug eggs, especially near the headboard of your mattress.

If any signs of bed bugs are found or even suspected, give the bed bug experts here at Moyer Pest Control a call. Our expert team works with homeowners to pinpoint the source of a bed bug infestation to effectively and completely rid the home of the threat. Moyer Pest Control’s bed bug heat treatment program can safely get rid of the bugs and the eggs without causing any damage to the home or the things inside. You and your family could be back in your own home and comfortably tucked into your own beds the same day.

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