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Bed Bug Proof Your Next Vacation

November 6, 2014

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With the holiday season fast approaching, travel plans are being made to go visit family and friends or to just get away to some place special. Don’t let bed bugs ruin all the fun. It does not matter if you are going to a fancy hotel or a family member's house, bed bugs can travel anywhere. Also, watch out for bed bugs hitchhiking home with college students this holiday season. Bed bugs are known for their hitchhiking tendencies. They enjoy travel and can end up anywhere, no matter how clean it seems. They are also good at hiding out for months at a time, going unnoticed until you have a full infestation. Now don’t go cancelling your travel plans yet. This might not be the best way to get in the holiday spirit but it will help you stay of good cheer throughout the year.

Here are a few tips to help you try to prevent bed bugs from coming home with you for the holidays.

  • Room Inspection: Take a few minutes to inspect your room. Take a flashlight and look through sofas, chairs, beds, in dressers and closets for signs of bed bugs.

  • Bed Inspection: Pull back the sheets and inspect the corners and seams of the mattress for bed bug stains, spots or shells.

  • Plastic Bags: Place luggage and clothing in plastic bags to make sure no bed bugs attach to them for the ride home.

  • Room Change: If you notice bed bugs or any sign of them, request a room change immediately.

  • Suit Case Cleaning: When you arrive home, immediately unload, clean and vacuum out your suit cases.

  • Clean Laundry: When you arrive home, wash all of your laundry. Even if you did not wear it.

These simple tips may help you in the prevention of bringing home these little pests during the holiday season. Keep in mind that if you do find you have brought them home, it is best to call a professional pest exterminator to help you fully eliminate the infestation. These little hitchhikers are known for being very sneaky and good at hiding. Let a professional help you eliminate them to make sure they are gone for good.

After all the hunting for bed bugs, cleaning and inspecting DO NOT forget to ENJOY this holiday season! This is not a time to worry and be frustrated. Take time to enjoy every moment and laugh about the little things.

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