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Bed Bug Problems Increase During Summer

June 17, 2015

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Have you been thinking about bed bugs lately? You should. Not in a, "Bite your fingernails and pace," sort of way, but you would be wise to take precaution. Summer is when bed bugs become more active. Here's why.

College kids come home

You expect a lot of dirty laundry when your son or daughter comes home from college. What you don't want or realize is that they could bring bed bugs with them. According to the 2015 Bed Bugs Without Borders Survey, bed bugs are found in higher numbers in college dorms so it makes sense that they would return with your kid.


Warm summer temperatures have an effect on humans as well. When things warm up, we like to travel. Since bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug, they spread faster when more people are moving around.

Lack of public awareness

Even though bed bugs have been a prevalent pest problem for several years now, there still seems to be a lack of knowledge about these pests. For instance, many don't realize that throwing out an infested mattress will not resolve the problem or that picking up a used couch on the curb could introduce bed bugs into their own home. There's a reason why that couch was tossed and it might not be because it didn't match the new paint color.

Quick tips

Whether you plan on traveling or not, these bed bugs tips can help you avoid or detect an infestation this summer.

  • Understand that bed bugs can be in the nicest accommodations. These bugs do not require a run-down motel. They can be in a 5-star resort.

  • Understand that you don't have to go anywhere to get bed bugs. Family and friends can bring them in when they visit.

  • Understand that bed bugs can be in trains, planes, buses, taxis and even movie theaters. This is a bug that can feed on you while you are awake.

  • Know how to inspect for them. Look for blood stains on sheets and pillowcases. Look for black fecal deposits on the seams, stitching and corners of mattresses and upholstered furniture. Look for discarded bed bug casings. And, of course, look for tiny rust-colored bugs.

If you find bed bugs or suspect you have them, contact Moyer Indoor | Outdoor for bed bug control. This is a hard bug to detect. And, an even harder bug to eradicate. Stay safe this summer. Learn to detect and guard against bed bugs, and share that knowledge with others.

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