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Bed Bug Prevention Tips For The Hospitality Industry

February 28, 2018

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If you're in the hospitality industry, you probably know more about bed bugs than you ever wanted to. Bed bugs are one of the greatest concerns for hotels and other hospitality providers, and the outlook is not getting any better. The last 20 years have seen bed bugs rise from complete obscurity to contend for the spot of "worst pest" in many developed countries, a spot they claim with no dispute when it comes to hotels. If you own or manage a hotel, bed bugs are often at the front of your mind.

That being said, many in the hospitality industry deal with bed bugs in a reactive manner, managing problems after they arise. This methodology has proven of no use in slowing the spread of bed bugs in the industry. 80% of all hotels were treated for bed bugs last year, half of those in the last month, and almost 50% of all hotels are subject to bed bug litigation, sometimes to the tune of tens-of-thousands of dollars. These kinds of numbers make bed bug control a necessary budget item for a competitive hotel's reputation and profitability. If your hotel isn't taking proactive steps to prevent bed bugs, consider it thoroughly; almost two-thirds of pest management professionals believe bed bugs to still be on the rise.

Now it's true that due to their hitchhiking lifestyle, ingenuity, and unpredictability, most bed bug solutions are reactive. But there are a few options that you have for dealing with be bugs head-on. "Climb-ups" or bed bug interceptors are designed to trap bed bugs, revealing their presence and slowing their ability to spread. A quality mattress encasement is also a good way to make bed bugs easier to discover and to protect mattresses and box springs from becoming a haven for bed bugs. Finally, some recent models of chemically impregnated mattress and box spring liners have shown great promise in paralyzing, killing, and preventing bed bugs from laying eggs. These methods are worth considering as ways to reduce the spread of bed bugs within your facility, and as indicators which could help you discover bed bugs before your customers do.

In the end, no matter what steps you take, the sad reality is that you're likely to face bed bugs in the hospitality industry. The only surefire way to prevent them would be to stop receiving customers and to lock up your rooms. But with diligence and the right systems in place, bed bugs can be minimized as a threat to your business' reputation and operations. This only leaves you with the question of what to do when bed bugs show up. Certainly washing sheets in hot water is required, along with thorough cleaning of the entire room, but beyond this, you'll want to call for the professionals. Moyer Pest Control serves the greater West Chester area in Pennsylvania and can provide you with fast, reliable service to effectively eliminate any size bed bug infestation and get your business back up and running. And by partnering with us for regular service, we can design a comprehensive plan to deal not only with bed bugs, but with any and all pests that may try to invade your property. Call us today with questions, for more information on our bed bug treatments, or to schedule a bed bug inspection. We're here to make sure you can focus on more important things. 

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