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Are These Bed Bugs In My New Castle Home?

July 19, 2021


You may have bed bugs in your New Castle home right now and you wouldn’t even know it. They are minuscule pests that get a free ride into your home on the likes of secondhand furniture and appliances, your clothing after a hotel stay, or on your belongings after spending time in public places. And due to their natural sneakiness and the deep, dark places they tend to hide, bed bugs often work out of sight of many humans. 

If you have bed bugs in your New Castle home, you could expect to go to sleep perfectly fine one evening and awaken the next morning covered from head to toe in painful, red welts. And many people who live in a home infested with bed bugs not only suffer from allergic reactions to their bites, but they also battle sleeplessness and generalized anxiety because of this issue. Bed bugs are a nuisance pest problem that can blow up nearly overnight.

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How To Spot A Bed Bug

Part of why bed bugs go undetected is because they often get misidentified as other insects. Here are a few of the physical identifiers that New Castle homeowners should look for if they suspect that their home has bed bugs:

  • Color. Unfed bed bugs are a translucent reddish-brown color. They also have ridges on their backs and heads, but those can be hard to distinguish with the naked eye.
  • Size. Bed bugs are quite small, measuring approximately 3/16 inches when unfed but while engorged, may reach ¼ inches. Bed bugs are most commonly compared to an apple seed in size.
  • Eggs and eggshells. A bed bug’s eggs and their shells are even smaller than the nymphs themselves, shaped like grains of rice, and are a creamy white color.
  • Nymphs. These young bed bugs are about the size of a pinhead and also have translucent bodies. They’ll gain their color once they’ve fed and they turn into an adult at an alarmingly quick rate of about six weeks, which is why bed bug populations often get quickly out of control.

Bed bugs do also change in size and color once they’ve fed. While a bed bug may start out rather short, thin, and translucent in color, once they’ve had a buffet of your blood, they appear longer, stouter, and darker, and more solid in coloring. 

Other Signs Of Bed Bugs

Because spotting the bed bugs themselves can prove rather difficult in New Castle, residents should be on the lookout for other, more physical signs that you might have an infestation. Some of these red flags are:

  • Rust-colored staining in your mattress. This is a telltale sign that bed bugs have been present in your mattress and you’ve crushed them. Don’t be fooled though, the problem isn’t gone.

  • Waste. A bed bug’s fecal matter is often confused with dirt or with other outdoor items like chips of leaves or bark because of their color and size. The way to test whether or not what you see is droppings or dirt is by dabbing the mess with a damp paper towel. If it turns from black to red, it's a bed bug’s excrement.

  • Don’t just look in the bedroom. Bed bugs also love your couches and kitchens, as well as other locations around the house, so be on the lookout in these places as well.

Bed bugs are a pest problem that homeowners can’t solve themselves. Infestations are usually quite large, spread out, and too well-hidden to handle without the proper equipment that typical homeowners simply don’t have access to. If you do spot any of the signs of bed bugs in your home, call the professionals at Moyer Pest Control right away. Learn more about our effective bed bug services right now!

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