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Are The Termites In New Castle Harmful?

January 30, 2022


Termites are wood-destroying pests known as “silent destroyers” because they can move into a property undetected and spend months eating away at wood and other cellulose-based materials.

Several types of termites, including subterranean termites, need to have contact with moist soil, so their nests are underground, and they use mud tubes to travel to the food source. Drywood termites, on the other hand, don’t need contact with moisture, so they live in the wood they are eating.

In general, termites are about ¼ to ½ of an inch long with cream to brown coloring. They have soft bodies and straight antennas. Their appearance will vary from species to species. But no matter what the species is, termites are not a welcome sight on any property.

Because this pest is difficult to get rid of, prevention is key to keeping your New Castle home protected from its powerful jaws.

How Termites Can Be Harmful

Many home-invading pests threaten people’s health due to the diseases they can spread. However, termites are not one of these pests as they are not known to spread diseases.

This does not mean termites don’t cause a health concern. This pest can trigger allergies and asthma. Even more concerning is that their presence can indicate water damage which can lead to unsafe mold. Not to mention the dangerous damage this pest can cause to a property if given a chance.

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Signs Of Termites And How To Prevent Them 

You should look for several signs that can indicate a termite colony is living on your property. Below are the signs you should be aware of:

  • Termite Swarmers And Discarded Wings: These flying members will discard their wings once they find a new location to start a colony. Piles of discarded wings are sometimes found near windowsills and baseboards.
  • Droppings And Frass: Droppings look like ground pepper while frass looks like sawdust.
  • Mud Tubes: These can usually be found around the foundation of an infestation house.
  • Soft-Clicking Sounds From Inside Walls: This might be soldier termites warning the rest of the colony that there is danger.  
  • Doors And Windows That Are Hard To Close: This is a sign that there is high moisture in your home, which can mean there might also be termites lurking
  • Damage: Hollow wood, drooping wallpaper, and peeling paint can all be indications of termite damage.  

To help prevent termites, you should reduce the moisture on your property and seal off any potential entry points. The best termite prevention tip is to get regular inspections performed by pest experts.

Professional Termite Control Options

If you see signs of termite activity on your property, the best thing to do is contact professionals right away. A termite colony will only grow and worsen over time, so call us right away at Moyer Pest Control.

Our termite treatment options are customized and designed to remove an active infestation and prevent a future one from happening. We utilize liquid termite treatments, specifically Termidor®, which we inject into the soil around your home’s exterior. This creates a continuous barrier against this pest. We also use termite baiting stations, which we install at regular intervals around the perimeter of your home.

For the best termite solutions in New Castle, contact us at Moyer Pest Control. Give us a call today to learn more about our termite treatment options and how we can help make your home termite-free.

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