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Are Stink Bugs Harmful?

September 8, 2014

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Nah. They won't hurt you. They're just nasty.

They crawl all over your walls. They congregate in a writhing mass, in corners, and on window sills. They climb up into your curtains. And they get under foot. They have you running all over the house with a vacuum, and scraping them off into buckets of detergent. You'll find them by the hundreds inside and outside, on everything and in everything. They'll have you wondering if this is the apocalypse, but no, it's something much, much worse.

Sadly, many people live with stink bugs. They spray. They vacuum. They scrap. And they squish. But there is never any end to these vermin. They're everywhere!

First of all, don't squish them. The brown marmorated stink bug excretes a foul smelling liquid that smells like nasty feet, and can also stain carpets and curtains. It is always best to suck them up, or capture them in a trap.

Second, you don't have to live with them. Most homeowners think that they just have to deal with them. After all, the stink bugs are everywhere outside. It is only a matter of time before they infiltrate your home and take over, right? What can you do? Actually, pest professionals are quite adept at deterring stink bugs from hanging out around your home. Many pest proofing treatments make your home unappealing to many pests, and they will move on to bug your neighbors.

If you have a ton of stink bugs in your home, professional pest technicians can remove those as well. They have the experience to remove them properly, and with as little excretion as possible. And if stink bugs have made a home in hard to reach places, professionals can root them out.

Let's be frank, stink bugs stink. But you don't have to live with these nasty little brown bugs crawling all over your walls, and on your walkway. You don't have to go to work smelling like stinky feet, because you accidently stepped on one in your garage. And you most definitely do not have to find one on your peanut butter toast, because you got up to grab a glass of milk. That's just wrong, and must never happen. Put a sign on your house that says, "stink bugs are not welcome." And eat your toast in peace.

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