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Are Mice Hiding From Winter In Your Souderton Home?

December 13, 2019

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a rodent sneaking into a souderton home during early winter

Winter is here in the town of Souderton and while you’re hiding away in your nice warm home during the cold months of the year, there is a chance you might have some unwelcome visitors staying there alongside you. Many animals hibernate during the winter. But mice do not hibernate, meaning they may be scurrying around inside your walls and other cramped interior areas without you knowing. Scientific studies have shown that when temperatures dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, mice set off in search of temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees, a temperature your house is likely to be.
It is important to recognize that just because you do not see mice wandering around inside your house, this does not mean that mice are not present. Mice are afraid of humans and tend to stay away from them. Mice are nocturnal, but even though you may rarely see them during the day, that does not mean that you won’t ever see them out and about. Since mice remain active throughout the winter, you should give Moyer a call if you suspect they may be in your house. Our licensed exterminators are specially trained to solve all types of pest issues, with mice being one of our specialties.
One key strategy in keeping mice away from your home is finding the places that they tend to nest and putting traps in place to prevent them from nesting there. Mice try to put their nests out of harm’s way where predators cannot find them. This means they could be in your walls and cabinets or even inside stored furniture. They also can end up embedded in high places, out of the reach of humans, such as in the rafters above a ceiling. You may also want to check outbuildings on your property for mice, as they may find sheds and other buildings on your property to be safe havens. With Moyer, you can be assured of a pest-free home no matter the temperature outside, because Moyer’s pest control experts are trained in handling pest issues regardless of the season.
One essential tip in keeping mice away from your home is to prevent them from finding food. Mice are eager to find food and can find it from many different sources. They can feed on open containers of food that you have around the home; open cereal boxes, chip bags, and fruits and vegetables are at the highest risk of being eaten by mice. Removing these tempting items from the open, closing the containers, and even storing them in hard plastic or glass containers are important steps in preventing mice from setting up shop inside your home. Additionally, mice frequently feed on pet food. So dog food, cat food, bird seed, and pet treats are best kept in sealed containers that are out of the reach of mice as well as made out of material mice can’t chew through.
For further information on how to keep mice at bay, give Moyer a call. we can help you move toward a pest-free environment. No matter the pest problem that you face, Moyer can ensure that it becomes a past pest problem rather than a present pest problem.

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