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Are Bed Bugs A Summer Pest?

May 27, 2015

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Is summer worse for bed bugs? That's a good question and one that has pest control companies across the country a bit divided. You see, bed bugs are active all year long. Here's the thing, many of us in the industry do see an increase in bed bug control calls during the summer but it's not because these pests are waking up like many insects do after a long winter. There are two possible reasons why bed bugs are reported more often in summer. One of those reasons may shock you.

Many pest controllers surveyed believe that bed bug reports increase in summer due to an increase in travel. This is a hitchhiking bug. It travels in bags, bedding, clothing, pillows and other fabric items that are transported. With more people actively traveling in the summer, there is a greater chance for these bugs to spread. This is true. Bed bugs spread faster when more people are traveling. But an infestation isn't usually caught right away. Bed bug larvae are quite small, and they can feed on you for months without being detected. Why? Because smaller bites are easier to miss and most people don't get those noticeable bed bug rashes at first. Some never get a rash and they mistake bed bug bites for mosquito bites. So, that summer bed bug call could be an infestation that started during the winter holiday season. Yup. You can say it. That's creepy.

Another possible reason bed bugs are reported more often in summer is because bed bugs love heat. The hotter it gets, the more active bed bugs become--well, except when it gets to be about 120°F. Extreme heat is actually how many exterminators (including us) kill bed bugs. But a warm 100-degree day will have bed bugs breedings and biting like crazy, making them much more noticeable.

Here are a few quick ways you can find out if you have these bugs.

  • Look for raised welts on your skin that are in a row or cluster. Bed bugs feed multiple times a night.

  • Check pillowcases and sheets for tiny, dried blood stains.

  • Inspect all mattress seams and corners for black sticky gook. Bed bugs leave their feces in the pores of mattresses and in the seams of upholstered furniture.

  • Use a flashlight to check furniture and beds for tiny rust colored bugs.

This can be a hard bug to detect. Property owners and businesses in particular often turn to pest control companies with K9 bed bugs inspectors. Dogs can sniff out living bugs still inside egg sacks. In the battle against bed bugs, finding bed bugs early is essential in managing them discreetly.

Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, we offer comprehensive bed bug services that includes trained bed bug dogs and heat treatment. Serving Pennsylvania including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton and Philadelphia counties, we are ready to help you identify and treat the bed bug problem you're facing this summer and all year long. Contact us today!

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