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How To Stop The Ants That Come Back Every Year

June 4, 2014

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Have you ever wondered why ants return to your home year after year? There may be a few answers to this question. The first may be that you have many entry points around your home that ants can easily find and use to access your home. The next is that you have lots of food options for ants in your home that are easy for them to find. If you have an ant nest on your property, these ants may also be leaving pheromone trails around your property that let other ants know that your home is great for foraging. Do you have an ant problem AGAIN this year? Well then you need to put your foot down and make this the last year that ants have access to your home. Call in the PA pest control pros at Moyer Pest to help end your ant problem and provide preventative treatments to keep ants and other pests away all year long.

So how do these ‘pheromone trails’ work? Well, ants live in colonies that often have thousands of members. In these colonies, some of the ants are designated foragers. They leave the nest to search for food. If they find the food they are looking for, they lay down a chemical trail that other ants may notice. When another ant notices a pheromone trail, they follow it, which results in ‘highways’ of ants heading in the same direction or back to the nest to deliver any food that they might have found. If you see ants marching in a line, there’s a good chance that this is what you are witnessing.

If you don’t have an ant problem yet this year, that’s great news! However, we’d like to warn you that an ant problem may not be too far in your future, especially if you have the right conditions to invite these pests into your home. What are the right conditions?


1. Access. If ants can access your home, they will, especially if they are currently nesting somewhere in your yard or on your property.

2. Food. If ants can get into your home, they will be looking for food they can eat. If you give them access to food, they’ll be forever marching in and out of your home.

3. Moisture. Ants like moist environments, so a dehumidifier can go a long way in reducing the moisture in your home and making it less hospitable for hungry ants.

So, let’s say you’ve spent some time getting your home to a point where ants will no longer find it attractive, but you’re noticing ants around anyways. At this point, we would recommend giving the Pennsylvania pest control professionals at Moyer a call. Our pros can help with ant control by locating and eliminating the ant nest and offering preventative treatments to keep ants from coming back.


Don’t let ants in the kitchen become a problem for you this year. Put your foot down and stop ant activity now! Contact the pros at Moyer Pest for more details on our home pest control services and ant control treatments.

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