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All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Souderton Homes

December 1, 2021


Bed bugs are a pest that many people know about because of their awful reputation. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see episodes of television that revolve around people trying to remove these invasive pests from homes or apartments. But, despite being well-known as pests invaders, there are many misconceptions about bed bugs in Souderton homes.

One of the most common myths about bed bugs is that they only get into dirty homes with poor housekeeping, but this is not based on fact at all. In reality, bed bugs can happen to practically anyone, and they aren’t just found in homes. Bed bug infestations can also occur in businesses and even places that don’t have any bedding or mattress around. 

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Another misconception about these pests is that they only happen to people living in huge cities or apartment buildings, but this isn’t the case either. While bed bugs can often easily spread in densely populated areas, people in more suburban or rural areas can also end up with bed bugs.

This guide is here to help you learn how bed bug infestations start and get some prevention tips on keeping them out.

Bed Bug Hot Spots

The primary way that bed bugs get inside is when they are picked up and carried in as hidden stowaways. They will attach to items like purses, luggage, and clothing, and since they are only about the size of an apple seed, you likely won’t notice you’ve picked up an unwelcome traveler. 

Bed bugs can be picked up nearly anywhere, such as businesses or in other homes, but there are a few places known as bed bug “hot spots” where they are more common. These include hotels, buses, laundromats, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Overall, it can be a bit challenging to prevent picking up bed bugs, but there are a few things you can do to lessen the likelihood, such as:

  • Avoid setting luggage on the floors of public spaces.
  • Check for signs of bed bugs around hotel rooms and other shared areas before settling in for the night.
  • Move laundry to and from laundromats in plastic bags.

Bed Bugs And Second-hand Items

While bed bugs generally spread when you bring them inside while traveling or running errands, there is one other way bed bug infestations can begin. This is when second-hand items that have already been infested are purchased and moved inside.

Bedding and mattresses are the most likely items to have bed bugs already, but other second-hand items could also have bed bugs. Some of these other things include furniture, appliances, and curtains.

To keep from buying second-hand items that have bed bugs, it’s a good idea to look out for these three signs of bed bug activity:

  • Discarded egg casings or skins of the bed bugs
  • Rusty stains that look like dried blood 
  • Brown stains that are irregular in shape and are made by bed bug excrement

What If You End Up With Bed Bugs In Your Home?

The reality is that bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to completely prevent. They can be picked up from so many places, and they are also extremely invasive and difficult to eradicate. If you’re seeing bed bugs inside your Souderton home, the easiest and safest way to remove them is by calling the home pest professionals at Moyer Pest Control.

Our treatments will eliminate every single bed bug so that they don’t come back again in the future. Just contact us today to book an inspection.

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