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All The Problems That Bed Bugs Cause West Chester Property Owners

July 17, 2020


There’s a cliche that “big things come in small packages.” That is certainly true with bed bugs. In fact, their small size is part of why they’re major trouble. You likely won’t see them as they creep into your property and mass produce in your mattress. You won’t catch them when they latch onto your skin and suck your blood, either. They’re sneaky, so they’ll munch on you while you’re sleeping. One thing you will find though, is their bites. When they’re done feeding on you, red, itchy, and unattractive bumps will surface. The welts will be grouped together in lines or clusters and may look like a rash. Unfortunately, that’s not all bed bugs are capable of doing.

The presence of bed bugs can introduce and trigger several health issues. It’s crucial to learn about these risks, so you’ll know what you’re facing with an infestation in West Chester. Further, you can find out how Moyer Pest Control can save the day and rid you of these critters.

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How Do Bed Bugs Show Up To Begin With?

Bed bugs don’t enter properties because of filth, as many believe. They are actually on the hunt for blood. It’s what they need to survive. They’ll loiter in public places like schools, hotels, and bus stations, searching for hosts. Sliding into your bags or clothes, they’ll travel home with you.

 Then, they’ll hop off of you and into the following:

  • Upholstery

  • Couches

  • Mattresses

  • Fabrics

  • Appliances

  • Electronics

  • Wood Trim

  • Flooring

  • Wallpaper

If you start to see unusual stains on surfaces and sheets or smell a “musty” odor, you probably have an infestation. Bed bugs drop blood, red-brown substances, and black or brown fecal waste. The texture of these are often powdery. Bites, of course, are also a chief sign of infiltration.

Common property bed bugs are red-brown and oval. They have round heads and bottoms. Their midsection is a strange shape. Six legs and two antennas outline their bodies. The maximum length they’ll be is around ¼ of an inch. The young of bed bugs are translucent and hatch from pearly white eggs.

What Are The Risks of Bed Bugs?

While bed bugs aren’t known to transmit disease, they can initiate or cultivate other health-related problems. Here are the primary four conditions they potentially could bring about:

  • Anemia: If a bed bug infestation is particularly severe, humans will regularly have their blood sucked by the pests. This may result in anemia, which causes paleness and extreme fatigue, among other symptoms.

  • Allergic reactions: Physical reactions to bed bug bites can be mild or intense. Some individuals will experience skin inflammation, nausea, and/or breathing difficulties.

  • Secondary infections: Scratching bites might lead to open cuts or skin breakage. At that point, exposure to bacteria is possible. Infections such as ecthyma, impetigo, and lymphangitic could arise.

  • Mental health issues: Research indicates that knowing bed bugs are around may foster anxiety and insomnia.

What Can Moyer Pest Control Do About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are easy to get, but they are hard to eliminate. There are three main reasons for this. One, they all have to be removed, including the eggs. Two, they are small and challenging to find. Three, they rapidly reproduce. These factors are why “do it yourself” methods don’t work; they can’t address the full infestation.
Moyer Pest Control has specially designed equipment and products to give you a clean slate from bed bugs. Our insecticides and thermal remediation devices are powerful and top-of-the-line. We offer treatments that have warranties and repeat applications included. Get back to resting easy and call us today!

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