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All The Problems Cockroaches Bring To Your Souderton Property

December 4, 2020


Never judge a book by its cover. In life, we’re taught to give everything a chance before we form an opinion on it. Don’t like veggies? Well, did you try them first? Don’t want to be friends with someone? Well, did you get to know them first? Typically, it’s best to give everything and everyone a chance before making a decision. However, when it comes to roaches, you’re right to be disgusted by them at face value. The more you know about roaches, the less you’ll want them in your home.

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Dangerous Home Invaders

The cockroaches that inhabit our region will range from about a half-inch long to an inch and a half. Most of them have clear wings draped along the back of a tan, brown, or dark reddish/brown body. While they aren’t talented flyers, they can crawl rather quickly, which makes them hard to spot before they scurry back to their hiding places within your walls.
Roaches are nocturnal creatures, so your run-ins with them will mostly occur at night as you head into the kitchen or the bathroom.
They frequent these areas because of the moisture. Roaches prefer a dark, damp environment like under bathroom counters and behind kitchen appliances, but they’ll also venture towards the kitchen counter and pantry looking for an easy meal.
Along with being a risk to your stored food items, roaches are a severe health hazard. Before infiltrating your home, these pests will spend most of their lives in highly contaminated areas like sewers, dumpsters, and landfills. They’ll collect bacteria in these places before bringing it into your home and spreading it all over your meal preparation surfaces, counters, and furniture. They’ll also secrete a pathogen as they squeeze through cracks in the walls, causing a musty odor and even yellowing the walls. A prolonged roach infestation will often lead to diseases like salmonella, E. coli, and more.

Prevention And Eradication

Another problem with roaches is how difficult they can be to get rid of. Part of this stems from their formidable nature. People may joke about roaches surviving natural disasters when nothing else would, but it’s partially true. With incredibly tough, flexible exoskeletons, roaches can stand the pressure of hundreds of times their own body weight (which is why they’re pretty difficult to squish). They can also make their bodies completely flat, squeezing through very narrow cracks and crevices to escape danger.
That’s why a roach infestation can be so difficult to get rid of on your own. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to limit your chances of infestation in the first place:

  • Manage moisture issues in the home by issuing a dehumidifier in your crawl spaces and keeping a close eye on your pipes for leaks.
  • Store food and trash properly and promptly. Leftovers need to be stored in plastic containers with tightly sealed lids, and no food should be left in the sink overnight.
  • Regular cleaning habits can limit roach attraction by reducing their food sources. Roaches can live on even the slightest crumbs, so make sure to vacuum the floors regularly and wipe down counters and tables after eating.
  • Reduce entry points by sealing up cracks and crevices in the foundation. Using silicone caulking around window sills and new weather-stripping under exterior doors will limit their points of entry significantly.

While these methods can help tremendously, it’s nearly impossible to keep roaches out if they want to come in. They’re formidable health hazards and persistent home-invaders, but you don’t have to fight this fight alone. The best way to protect you and your family from the dangers of cockroaches is with professional help: Moyer Pest Control.

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