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All The Crazy Things You'll Hear About The Earwigs In Souderton

November 15, 2019

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an earwig crawling within a kitchen plant in a souderton pennsylvania home

Souderton residents beware: you might be in for a six-legged, moisture-loving scare! Measuring between three-quarters of an inch to a full inch in length, earwigs are long, flat insects with a love for all things moist. A pair of thin, threadlike antenna slope downwards towards their head, while a powerful set of black pincers rest behind their abdomens. Earwigs get their names from an old wives’ tale which warns about these bugs crawling into people's ears while they sleep. Don’t worry, this myth is entirely untrue. 

Although not considered harmful to humans, earwigs will attack with their pincers if threatened or cornered. Drawn to areas of high moisture, they are often found underneath rugs or holed up in damp spaces such as the bathroom or basement.     


Souderton’s Guide to Getting Rid of Earwigs

Keeping earwigs out of the home starts with some actionable prevention that requires planning and a little elbow grease. In order to get rid of earwigs and make your home less attractive to infestations: 

  • Deal with moisture issues in the home, especially problem areas involving leaks, drips, or spills. Running a dehumidifier in the basement and bathrooms is an excellent place to start for consistently moist areas. Leaky pipes and chronic drips should be fixed. If you are not comfortable with making the repairs yourself, contact a reputable handyman in your area. Once moisture levels have normalized, most earwigs will vacate the area.

  • Make sure all screens are intact, especially the ones around doors and windows. Preventing earwigs from entering the home is the first line of defense against infestations.

  • Seal cracks and holes on or around the foundation of the home. Without proper repairs, many pests will be able to squeeze through the tiny gaps. 

Earwigs generally take time to build their numbers up, and rarely become full-blown infestations. However, noticing large numbers in the home indicates a need for immediate action. Call a pest control expert in your area to inspect the extent of your earwig activity. 


End the Earwigs with Moyer Pest Control 

Earwigs might not pose any significant threats to homeowners, but their presence is greatly disconcerting to residents across the Souderton area. If you think or know that earwig activity is beginning to heighten on your property, contact the professional team at Moyer Pest Control. 

With over 150 years of experience in removing problem pests like earwigs from homes around the Pennsylvania area, Moyer offers quality home care and pest control for a wide variety of East Coast area insects, wildlife, and so much more. Need some help identifying your problem pests? Reach out to our staff today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. No matter what you need, Moyer has your back. 

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