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All I Want For Christmas Is For The Bed Bugs To Be Gone

December 21, 2017

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'Tis the season for being hyper-aware of bringing home more than just some holiday cheer. Bed bugs are sneaky little hitchhikers and will happily climb into your suitcase, attach themselves to your coat or other clothing, or burrow into any of your belongings as you travel about this holiday season. Perhaps you were at a family gathering for Thanksgiving and all the coats were tossed on the guest bed for the evening, maybe during that holiday shopping trip you set your bag on the carpet, or in thinking about it, maybe it was the business trip you took several weeks ago and the hotel bed you forget to check. No matter what the cause of your newly discovered bed bug infestation, the only thing you can think of now is how to get rid of them as soon as possible!

The first thing you might decide to do upon discovering a bed bug infestation is to get right to tackling the extermination yourself. This could be a time consuming and costly mistake. Bed bugs are very hardy and tricky critters. As their name would imply, we think that the only place we’ve got to worry about getting rid of bed bugs is the bed. Attempts at encasing the mattress and box spring could work if there truly were bed bugs ONLY in the bed, but that’s not likely the case. Bed bugs can hide behind tiny tears in wallpaper, behind outlet covers, in small cracks under baseboards, behind paintings, in drawers, inside the pages of books, in carpets, in couches and chairs, in your clothes, and yes, in your beds. Home removal attempts such as turning up the heat or using chemicals may cause the bugs to go into hiding only to reappear when the “threat” is gone. This just prolongs your exposure and risks more bites.

If you truly want to get rid of bed bugs, you will want to call in the professional pest control experts at Moyer Pest Control in the West Chester area. At Moyer Pest Control we take a two-pronged approach to ridding your home of bed bugs, inspection, and elimination. K-9 bed bug inspectors are utilized to search the home for signs of bed bugs. Dogs make for excellent partners for our technicians as they are naturally equipped to sniff out the bugs without disturbing the home. Once the K-9’s discover the bed bugs, treatment can begin. The K-9’s will be brought in for another inspection after treatment to be sure the bed bugs are gone. Treatment consists of using heat to get rid of bed bugs. Not only is this safe and very effective, but it rids your home of bed bugs without any harsh chemicals. Our certified professionals will treat walls, electronics, beds and any other place that bed bugs are detected. You’ll be on your way to a bed bug free holiday in no time with the help of Moyer Pest Control.

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