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A Special Valentine's Day Meal

February 11, 2015


Are you planning to prepare a meal for a special someone? Whether it is the thrill of a new love or the deep fulfillment of a love that has stood the test of time, you want that meal to be perfect. Take out the best dishes. Make sure you have tall candles. Throw in a few rose petals. And sprinkle the air with fruit flies. What? You don't think fruit flies add that magical touch? Okay, maybe you're right. So why don't we look at a couple ways you can keep bugs from ruining your special night.

Fruit Flies

When you're preparing a meal this important, there is a good chance it will have something sweet. That sweetness can come from confectionery sugars, candies and even fruit--all of which are delectable to fruit flies. Understanding how fruit flies infest your home can keep them from "bugging" you while you spend some intimate time with your love.

Most often fruit flies get into your home because you carry them in. Fruit fly eggs are quite tiny and easy to miss. A female fruit fly will leave these eggs on grocery store fruit before those items even get on the shelves. Those eggs stay dormant until the fruit ripens and the babies realize that a potent food source is available. That is when you get the first few flies buzzing around. Then, those little buggers start growing their population. Fortunately, an infestation can be avoided by putting out a few fruit fly traps and making sure you don't provide breeding sites. A fruit fly trap can be made with a cup and some Cling Wrap or a nice pickle jar. You need holes in the top so the fly can get in, and a mixture of soapy water and something sugary. Some people use rotted fruit, some use sugar, and others use vinegar. These traps will get your current fruit flies. Then it is up to you to keep your trash sealed, your counters clean, and locate any rotting fruit that might be responsible for this outbreak.

Pantry Pests

Preparing an important meal is also stressful. The last thing you need is to find bugs inside your pantry foods. Here are a few ideas on how you can safeguard your baked goods.

When you go shopping, be sure to closely examine all your food packaging. Pantry pests get in through rips, tears and holes. Once inside your pantry, they will move to other items. You can reduce pantry pest activity in your pantry by making sure all out of date items are thrown away, and that old items are used before newer items. Keep your pantry dry and well ventilated. And, consider storing your pantry items in sealable, hard plastic containers.


Nothing can ruin a romantic moment like a cockroach scurrying across the wall. For this and other invasive pests you should partner with a pest control company. If you live in a home, your home can be pest free. If you live in an apartment, you can significantly reduce your pest problems.

Don't let bugs ruin your special night. Learn how to get protected and stay protected. And make those moments even more magical.

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