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A Look Back At The Pest Problems Of 2017

December 15, 2017

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While every year pests can be a problem, there are a few that seem to be more prominent than others. Let's take a look back on 2017 to see which pests cause us the most problems this year.

#5. Wasps

Although wasps are often considered a benefit to humans due to their ability to control infestations of other insects, they no doubt come with a mighty sting that could be far more than painful for some. There are a lot of reasons you might find wasps showing up and they will be more prominent in warmer months. Due to the likelihood of a wasp infestation and the danger revolving around removing it, a professional’s help is best if you have seen wasps around your home.

#4. Termites

The termite is a social insect, which means it lives within a colony. Simply put, where there is one there are many. Though a termite is no real harm to any human themselves, they have the potential to wreak real havoc on a home. Termites feed primarily on cellulose from wood making your home essentially one giant smorgasbord. Termites can be an especially hard pest to eradicate due to the entire colony needing to be removed, and being oftentimes quite hard to find. Many DIY methods use ineffective chemicals and can be a danger to people and pets if mixed improperly. Preventing termites is hard and often requires a year-round control plan.

#3. Mice

Though they may be cute and look cuddly, mice are a real problem to you, your family and your home. As mice look for places to stay out of the weather, they build nests using just about every bit of your home they can get to in order to do so. Due to their ever-growing teeth, mice take to chewing in order to keep them short. As mice chew through insulation and wiring within your walls they create serious fire hazards. Mice also chew through pipes and walls themselves creating the potential for water damage. To add to all this, mice are known to carry fleas and ticks, introducing yet another pest to our homes when they come. If you are lucky enough to have kept your home intact with the presence of a mouse, you will still need to be very wary of all the disease that mice carry and spread through feces and urine, which is a very real health hazard to your family.

#2. Mosquitoes

This is a pest that we have all experienced at one point or another. As we swat and scratch our way through the warmer months, we find mosquitoes to be a real annoyance. Aside from the red and swollen bites that come along with mosquitoes, they are known to actually be very dangers due to their ability to host and pass along diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus. They might not be all too scary to look at, they do present real problems and should be taken care of asap. The good news is that, though you may never fully rid a mosquito infestation, you can certainly manage it. Taking preventative measures such as regularly replacing things like birdbaths, pools, and any other standing water can help limit mosquitoes, though getting a year-round plan can be beneficial due to the efficient use of EPA certified methods and products.

#1. Bed Bugs

As the number one issue for 2017, it should be a number one priority for 2018. Bed bugs are most often brought in by…you guessed it… us. Bed bugs can be contracted in a number of places, though they are common in hotel beds, public transit and other public places where you might set down belongings on the floor. Bed bugs will then hide in creases and folds of clothes and luggage, waiting to get off at their next stop, which could be your house. Bed bugs will absolutely bite as they need blood meals in order to grow. They will also inadvertently ruin upholstery, beds, and walls, and can leave quite a stench, as well as a mess in the case of an infestation. These pests are extremely hard to eradicate by yourself due to their ability to hide in the smallest of cracks and crevices. Though bed bugs are more common during heightened times of travel, like holidays, they are most definitely a year-round problem and should be eradicated immediately.

Having a year-round pest control plan is crucial when up against so many pests, each with their own habits and favorite time of year. It is all too often that as soon as we get rid of one, another pops up. Moyer Pest Control offers several pest control options. The Exterior, Platinum, and Complete Home Guard options leave no room for pest problems and are designed not only eliminate the problem now but to prevent it in the future. Moyer Pest Control has made helping homeowners their tradition, so don't hesitate to reach out to see if a pest control plan is right for you. Take care of 2018’s pest problem before it starts!

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