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5 Tips To Prevent Late Summer Pests

July 31, 2014

keeping your lawn mowed can prevent pests

Late summer is the time when the grass is green, flowers are blooming, and gardens are finally producing a lot of vegetables, because of all this it is also the time when pests who feed and live around all these things are also at their peak. In order to prevent these pests from making their way inside your home and damaging its structure, your personal property, and contaminating your food, home maintenance should be at the top of your late summer to-do list.

The experts at Moyer want to make the task of pest prevention easier for you by providing you with five tips to help prevent late summer pests from invading your home and property.

  1. Lawn maintenance. Make sure to keep up on lawn care. A healthy lawn that is mowed short and fertilized on a regular basis will be less attractive to pests. Many pests like to hide in tall grass and others are more likely to invade unhealthy lawns.

  2. Maintain landscaping. Trim back trees and bushes from the exterior of your home. Pests can use branches to easily gain access to your home. Also, make sure that there is a barrier between mulch or grass and your home’s foundation. If you have an overabundance of flowering landscaping planted near your home consider thinning some of it out.

  3. Reduce moisture in and around your home. Pests are always on the look-out for a water source. Reducing water sources in and around your home will also reduce your chance of a pest infestation. Make sure that your gutters are clog-free and are working properly to direct water away from your home. Check outdoor faucets for leaks, and inside your home make sure that there are no leaks around your pipes. It is also a good idea to place de-humidifiers in the moist areas of your home like basements and crawl-spaces.

  4. Home repairs. The best way to prevent a pest invasion inside your home is to make sure that pests can’t make their way inside. Inspect the foundation of your home, seal any cracks and crevices found in it. Fill in any open areas around utility entrances. Inspect exterior windows and doors and caulk any gaps found around them; replace screens that are not completely intact.

Professional help. Getting year-round help from a professional pest control expert will help to ensure that any current problems are taken care of safely and effectively. Year-round pest control will provide you with routine services to ensure that unwanted guests will not invade your home during the rest of the year as well.

If you would like more information about preventing pests in late summer, or about year-round residential pest control services contact Moyer Pest today!

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