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4 Signs You May Have A Mouse In Your House

November 2, 2011

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The common house mouse, ewwwwww! Just the mere thought of these furry, little creatures running around in your home can send shivers down your spine and grown women running away in fright and despite their small size, mice are one of the most disgusting, damaging pests to invade homes in the Souderton area as well as throughout Pennsylvania. Although, mice actually live and thrive outdoors, they are considered a commensal pest, meaning they love to make our homes their own and survive, in part, because of this close contact. Mice are constantly searching for food, water and shelter and unfortunately for us, our home is the perfect “one-stop-shop” for these pests.

So you suspect you may have a mouse problem in your home, but you are not sure. You haven’t actually seen a mouse, but you have been hearing noises in the night and mysterious, little nibbles have appeared on your bananas. The pest control experts of Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, a longtime Pennsylvania pest control company, wants to warn you that it probably is not a single mouse in your house, but unfortunately an entire family of mice and to confirm, homeowners need to be on the lookout for these telling signs of mice activity.

  • Nests-Typically made of shredded, fibrous items such as newspaper, cardboard, blankets and insulation and commonly found in attics, storage areas and other sheltered locations

  • Droppings- Mouse droppings are small, black and oval, bead shaped and are most commonly seen close to food and breeding areas

  • Gnaw Marks-The teeth (incisors) of mice are constantly growing, in order to keep them short mice have to gnaw; wood and drywall are common places to see this damage

  • Strange Noises- Squeaking, running and gnawing sounds coming from behind the walls and ceilings during the nighttime hours when mice are most active; they are rarely seen during the day

If you are a homeowner in Blue Bell, Allentown or throughout PA and think you may have a mouse problem, do not wait; a single mouse can have up to a dozen babies every three weeks so contact the professional, rodent exterminators of Moyer at the first sign of mouse activity. We offer an effective home pest control service that will help you resolve any existing mouse infestation as well as identify and correct any conditions that promote mice activity in and around your home. For more information, please click here to contact our Pennsylvania exterminators today. And remember, you can also follow us on Facebook!

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