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4 Factors That Could Put Your Souderton Home At Risk For Termites This Spring

May 9, 2019

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a large and full grown swar mof termites infesting a home in souderton as they leave costly damage behind
Termites may be little, but they are a huge problem! If you have termites in your home, you’re at risk for costly damage. They are an extremely hazardous pest since it’s easy for them to remain undetected for a very long time. Sometimes termites are first discovered after years of damage has already been done. That’s why the amount of money termites cost homeowners in the US each year is so incredibly high--in the billions! Knowing the signs of termites can help with early detection, which is crucial if termites have infested your home. In this article, however, we want to start with the basics. How can you protect your Souderton home and prevent termites from coming in the first place?
Spring and summer are both high-risk months for contracting a termite infestation. Swarmers leave the nest in the spring to reproduce, expanding colonies and starting new ones. Each spring many homeowners fall prey to termite invasions without knowing it. If termites determine your home is a good place to hunker down, the colony will soon arrive. A termite colony can number in the thousands to millions of members, growing year after year. Our goal is to keep you, your family, and your wallet safe. We want homes in Souderton to be termite free. To do this, we need you on board with prevention steps. There are four major factors that push termites to invade certain homes.  
  1. Moisture. This is one of the biggest attractants for termites; moist lawns and moist wood. Termites need moisture, so if your property provides that, watch out. Damp wood is their first choice of food. Fixing leaks, using dehumidifiers and repairing damaged wood will all be beneficial in preventing termites.
  2. Debris and clutter. If you have rotting logs, piles of leaves, or clogged gutters, you’re basically inviting termites to your property. Termites are great recyclers. They will gladly shred and help decompose a dead tree. This is helpful in the forest, but not in your home. Eliminate wooden debris in your yard as best as you can. Cleaning gutters and reducing clutter will also help to reduce moisture.
  3. Know the signs. At Moyer pest, we recommend learning the early signs of a termite infestation. Early detection is key to saving your home. The signs can go easily unnoticed and the damage will continue.
  4. Not contacting pest control. Pest control not only eliminates termite infestations but can prevent them as well.
Are you worried about termites? Do you want an inspection? It’s never too early to contact professional pest control. Moyer Pest can help protect your home from termites. Our termite services are designed to provide highly effective results. With our state-of-the-art treatments, you can ensure that termites are removed without any danger to you, your family, or pets. Don’t let termites get away with damaging your home right under your nose. Contact Moyer today.

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