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3 Signs It's Time To Call The Pest Control Pros

November 17, 2014

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The signs can sometimes be subtle. Your daughter might stay home from school with what you think is the flu. Your son may be struggling with asthma, and you have taken him to the doctor's eight times with no real results. You may notice that the front door is sticking slightly. But there are more noticeable signs--signs you may have seen. You may even know you have a rodent or some cockroaches. But do you know that pests can make you ill with the bacteria they carry on their bodies and the diseases they spread with their feces and urine? Do you know that insects can eat your home and cause you thousands of dollars in house repairs? Surprisingly, most don't make the connection.

Here are three signs that it is time to get professional pest control.

1. When you have something tiny eating the investment you put into your home.

It is never good to have termites, ants, or other wood-chewing insects in your home. It is best to catch these insects before they get into your wall voids and attic spaces by having a professional put monitoring or bait stations around your home. If you do not have protection in place, look for the signs of wood-eating insects. They leave sawdust piles on your floor, on the wall, and caked in a corner of the ceiling. These sawdust patches can usually be found in the basement or in the attic. You'll also see damaged wood in and around your home. Look for strips taken out of your fence, deck, or patio. And always check around your foundation for mud tunnels and for bug activity under your mulch.

2. When you have something small bringing illness into your home.

If you have rodents, cockroaches, or any other disease-carrying pest, you should never try to get rid of them on your own. You may kill some of them--you may even kill a lot of them--but unless you seal your home and fully eradicate the problem, you're going to continue to have illness. These disease-spreading pests target food areas. Look for chew marks or holes in your food packaging. Keep an eye out for tiny brown droppings or moist, urine-soaked shelving. They may leave prints in dust or powder. And they can sometimes be heard when you place your ear to the wall.

3. When you have something bigger.

Never try to remove an animal on your own--not even one you think is harmless, like a squirrel. A scared squirrel is a dangerous animal, not only to you, but to your home. If you accidentally trap a squirrel, they can do a lot of damage. Get a pest control technician to remove the animal safely. Wildlife is unpredictable, and many wild animals have the capacity to carry rabies and other dangerous diseases. It isn't worth the risk. If you're wondering whether you have a wild animal living in your home, garage, or shed, look for their droppings, tipped-over trash cans, holes in the ground, broken windows, and chewed plants or vegetables.

There are many bugs and wildlife that will try to hide themselves from the cold. If you see the signs, call a professional. Wild things do not have the same standards you do. They expose themselves to dirty rotting things and carry parasites like mites, ticks, worms, lice, and fleas. Keep your home and your family safe by getting these pests fully removed and by sealing your house from future infestation. It's one of the best things you could ever do for your family.

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