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tick crawling on skin



Enjoy Your Backyard Without Tick Concerns

Ticks have returned this year and they will not be leaving anytime soon. Now is the time to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from these parasites that burrow into your skin and suck your blood. During the process of feeding, ticks can transmit several harmful diseases including babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and Lyme disease. Since ticks need blood in order survive and reproduce, having…



A Tick-Free Barbecue

When we think of picnic pests, ticks don't usually come to mind. The bugs that most commonly invade a cookout are ants, flies, and yellow jackets. But, ticks are a general threat that we all must take into consideration anytime we go out into nature. All tick species have the potential to carry diseases. And some of the diseases they can carry have lifelong health implications.



Are Ticks Dangerous?

You hear a lot of hype on the news about certain things going on in today’s world. ‘Enough of it’ - that sometimes is our first reaction. We typically want to dismiss it all and move on with the rest of our day. The truth is, though, when it comes to the high volume of ticks this year and the dangers associated with them, everything that you are hearing is probably true. Thanks…

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