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a red and black tick climbing up a vibrant green leaf in a souderton pennsylvania yard



Preparing For Heavy Late Summer Tick Activity In Souderton

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and you probably have an extensive list of things to do before fall arrives. There’s back to school shopping for the kids, end of the season barbecues, home repairs to get ready for winter… the list goes on. There is one other thing you should add to the list though—preparing for heavy late-summer tick activity in Souderton.

a red and black deer tich sprawled out on a ragged green leaf in a west chester yard



Should West Chester Homeowners Be Worried About Ticks?

Did you know that where you live determines what kind of pests you'll have to deal with? Certain pests need specific environments to survive. For example, you won't find many termites around buildings made primarily of brick and stone as they are pests that only feed on wood-like materials. In the same way, ticks are not common on properties where there is a lack of tall grass and forested…

a small deer tick crawlog along the lining of patio furniture in a new castle yard



When Does Tick Season Begin In New Castle?

As the temperatures warm, ticks become more active and become a serious concern for New Castle residents. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Pennsylvania led the nation in reported cases of Lyme disease in 2016; the most recent data released. More than 11,000 cases were reported in Pennsylvania, and Delaware had more than 500 cases.

tick embedded in little girls neck



Is My Souderton Home At Risk For Ticks?

It's hard to enjoy your backyard without tick concerns, especially if you're finding ticks on yourself when you come back inside. Ticks are scary. Sure, not every tick you find on you has a disease, but the diseases they're able to transmit can make your jaw drop. Today, we're going to talk about some of the ways ticks can put everyone in your home at risk and discuss how to mitigate that…

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