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a termite crawling through rotton wood

How Termites Get Into Souderton Homes & Ways To Stop Them

June 5, 2020

With the exception of reproductives, termites do not emerge from their nest or food source. Therefore, you probably won't see a worker or a soldier. You may, however, see the discarded iridescent wings of warmers.  How Do Termites Get Into My Home? You might be wondering how it is that these subterranean termites get into your home seeing as they tend to live underground and travel through m...

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termites crawling on a patio

Do Termites In Souderton Fly?

March 9, 2020

What’s worse than a termite? A flying termite. You heard us: those house-eating pests don’t just weaken your floorboards and furniture, some of them also start buzzing around when the time is right, wreaking havoc in both land and sky. Termite swarmers in Souderton will start flying at some point in their life span....

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