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a large termite infestation in a west chester home



Why West Chester Termite Infestations Require Professional Help 

It goes without saying that any creature that eats wood is a potentially dangerous one, but termites cause more chaos in a home than any other West Chester pest. Every year, termites cost U.S. homeowners an estimated $5 billion dollars to control, prevent, and repair damage.

a large colont of swarming termites burrowing through a wooden structure inside of a souderton pennsylvania home during early fall seaosn



It Takes Force to Remove Termites from Your Souderton Home   

Our region deals with one particular type of termite: subterranean termites. While vital to our ecosystem, termites are not welcome in our Souderton homes. They do billions of dollars in property damage every year. Termites are a pest that cannot be controlled or eradicated with DIY treatments. It takes force to remove them from your Souderton home in the form of professional termite control from…

a comony of termites eating through a wooden structure supporting a souderton home in pennsylvania



How To Know When It's Time To Call Moyer For Termite Control In Souderton

Termites often begin new colonies in the spring after the swarmer termites mate. That information may make you think that spring is the only time to worry about a new termite infestation. If you’ve made it to late summer without seeing any signs of termites, you must be in the clear right? Not exactly.

swarming trmites burrowing through a wooden structure on a new castle property



How To Tell If Termites Have Invaded Your New Castle Home

 Termites are dangerous pests. They invade homes and can cause catastrophic damage, all while remaining inconspicuous. Most of the time homeowners aren’t aware of an invasion until the destruction becomes so severe that it just can't go unnoticed; doors won't shut right, or the floor sags when you step on the boards. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor wants New Castle homeowners to know how to…

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