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a stink bug infestation in a new castle deleware home



Why Am I Seeing Stink Bugs In My New Castle Home In December?

Stink bugs are a never-ending presence here in New Castle, especially during the winter season. These creatures can sneak and creep through gaps that are as tiny as ¼ inch in diameter, making preventative pest control during the fall a must. 

a stink bug crawling across a souderton pennsylvania kitchen counter top



Stomping Out Souderton Stink Bugs

Like many other insect pests during this time of year, stink bugs try to squirm inside homes to seek shelter from the winter weather. There are many problems that come with having stink bugs spending the holidays in your home.

a stink bug on a vibrant green leaf of a house plant inside a souderton pennsylvania home



Taking The Stink Out Of Stink Bugs In Souderton

Sometimes it can seem like stink bugs infest our homes to ruin our day. They don't spread any harmful diseases. They don't often bite and can't sting; but despite these things, they are still one of the more annoying pests to deal with. Why? Because no-one wants a smelly bug buzzing around their home. 

stink bug crawling along new castle home



When Are Stink Bugs Active In New Castle County?

If your home does not currently have a stink bug problem, that is great news. Your home has not fallen victim to overwintering stinkbugs that were seeking shelter from the cold last fall. This is awesome, but it does not mean your home will be safe this year as stink bugs return and begin invading homes, sometimes in large numbers. Here are some good things to know.

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