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rat looking for shelter



How To Tell If You Have A Rat In The Home

In fall there are many things you can look forward to and expect with the change of the weather. Tank tops and shorts become a thing of the past as the days shorten and the wind begins to howl. However, not everything that comes with the change of the seasons is always something you want to look forward to. Rats are among the things.

mouse on a rim of a cup



Essential Steps For Preventing Fall Rodent Infestations In Telford

Regardless of how you feel about these furry rodents, we can all agree that having uninvited mice or rats in your home is a problem no one wants to deal with.

mouse in trees



What’s Attracting Mice To My Property?

Mice can sometimes be very cute, especially in cartoons, but in real life, they are disgusting little rodents that have no place inside your home. However, you might, unknowingly, be inviting them to your property.

rat in the basement



What Happens When Rats Get Into Our Homes?

There is nothing quite so horrific as discovering that rats have infiltrated your home. Not only are these disease-ridden creatures terrifying to encounter in a dark corner of your basement, they can be an indication of a number of other pest problems, as well as structural issues in your foundation, walls, and roof area.

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