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a rodent infestations in a new castle deleware home



Is It Mice Or Rats Disturbing Your New Castle Home? 

New Castle homeowner beware, you might be in for a pest control scare!It may seem like a difficult thing to differentiate between mice and rats, but several noticeable physical attributes can help you separate the two. Rats are generally larger, heavier, and more aggressive than mice, often accompanied by large teeth and long whiskers. Black rats are smaller than their close cousin, the brown…

a rodent sneaking into a souderton home during early winter



Are Mice Hiding From Winter In Your Souderton Home?

Many animals hibernate during the winter. But mice do not hibernate, meaning they may be scurrying around inside your walls and other cramped interior areas without you knowing.

a large norwat rat infesting a new castle deleware home



What To Do When Rats Invade Your New Castle Home

In New Castle, Norway rats are the most common type of rat to invade homes. If you’re unfamiliar with Norway rats, it may help you picture them when you learn that they are the same type that is domesticated as pets.

a profestional pest control technitian treating a souderton pennsylvania yard for rodent prevention plan



Stopping Rodents From Making Your Souderton Home Their Winter Vacation Home

Whether you're considering driving down to Florida or flying to Hawaii for a few months, you're not alone in wanting to escape the chilly temps. Mice and rats, unfortunately, can't just hop on a plane and head for a warmer destination. Instead, they are more likely to chew their way into your home and call your closet the ideal vacation resort.

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