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Bed Bugs And Seniors

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Do you have an aging parent or grandparent in their 70's or above? If so, you may get to experience the problem of bed bugs from an entirely different perspective. For most people, bed bugs are those tormenting bugs that take root after a vacation, but vacations are far from the only way a home can get bed bugs. They can be brought in on college kids coming home for the holidays, toddlers being picked up from daycare, middle school kids coming back from a camping trip, high school kids coming home from a night at a friends house, and more. You can get them when you go to the library or when you take in a movie at the theater. You can even pick them up at work. But, we are seeing a unique connection between bed bugs and elderly people living at home alone, in a home with others, and in assisted living.

Seniors And Bed Bugs

There are many reasons seniors are more at risk of having a bed bug infestation, here are a few you should consider.

  • Studies show that 30% of people bitten by bed bugs show no sign of bites on their skin, even when they are bitten repeatedly. This percentage is much higher for seniors, which makes it easier for a bed bug infestation to become established in the home or living space of an elderly person. This lack of bite trauma can also lead to complacency on the part of the infested senior, making it more likely that they will introduce these hitchhiking pests to your home when they come to visit. Perhaps you've even seen this behavior. We get reports that some people are shocked that their parents or grandparents aren't worried about having bed bugs on them. Lack of bite trauma is usually connected to this apathy. It is important that you inform them that bed bugs leave significant welts on most people, and these bites usually grow worse over time.

  • Sometimes apathy for these blood-eating pests has nothing to do with a lack of bites. Entering into old age can cause some to give up on trying to keep on top of their appearance. They simply don't care. So, for the sake of your family, it is up to you to care whether or not they have bed bugs. Your efforts will be rewarded. Everyone will be happier when those bed bugs are taken care of.

  • On the other side of the coin, there are elderly people who are quite embarrassed by having bed bugs. When bites start to appear, and they start to notice these bugs, they are worried what people will think of them. Bed bugs are attached to the stigma that only dirty people get them. If you notice that your elderly parent or grandparent has welts on their skin that come in a set of three bites, or follow a line, you should look into the matter for their sake and your own.

  • While the idea that bed bugs are only drawn to live in dirty homes is simply not true, there is a connection that should be considered. Bed bugs have an easier time infesting a home that is cluttered, especially if that clutter is near a bed or a couch. And folks who have lived a long a fruitful life usually have a lot of stuff that has accumulated through the years. This makes seniors more susceptible to significant infestations.

  • On top of all of these factors, bed bugs are often able to easily establish themselves with the elderly due to a deterioration of mental faculties. When senility sets in, or something more destructive like Alzheimer's, it can make it difficult to keep your elderly family member from exposing your home and your family to these bugs.

  • We did not save the best for last. This is, in fact, the worst. Sometimes it is just a matter of stubborn pride. Elderly people come from a generation that had a high value for independance and self-sufficiency. They may simply reject that they have a problem you need to help them with.

If this is your bed bug battle, we hope this insight will help you deal with your aging loved one and help you to safeguard your family. For fast and effective treatment of bed bugs, Moyer Pest Control is a phone call away. Reach out to us if you need immediate assistance.

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