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Located in Berks County is the beautiful borough of Bechtelsville. Residents and visitors alike get to enjoy the suburban rural feel. While this destination has a much smaller population than other surrounding cities, it still has no shortage of great reasons to live in the area.

From family-owned restaurants and bars to historic locations and scenic terrain, this Berks County borough has something for everyone. Residents and business owners alike will have good things to say about the area.

From a pest control viewpoint, yes, the area is beautiful and filled with the beauties of nature. However, that beauty comes at a cost: pests.

Pests in Bechtelsville are inevitable, and the residents and business owners of the area know this, which is why ongoing pest control services are crucial for the area. At Moyer Pest Control, we’ve been in business for over 150 years, so we know a thing or two about pests native to the area.

As your trusted Berks county pest control, it is our honor and pleasure to have served this area for so long. Our commitment to excellence and focus on the customer has allowed us to prosper.

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Home Pest Control Solutions In Bechtelsville, PA

When pests enter your home, they cause stress and anxiety; they can compromise your home and family's overall health and safety. From property damage to spreading harmful diseases, pests inside your home don’t mix. Here at Moyer Pest Control, we’ve been protecting the homes and families of Bechtelsville residents for over 150 years now with our wide selection of programs specifically designed to eliminate current pest infestations and prevent new ones from forming.

We offer residential customers our Exterior, Complete, and Platinum Home Guard protection plans, which all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No matter the size of the infestation impacting your home, you can feel secure knowing there’s no pest problem we can’t treat. Our team of pest experts is ready to solve your pest problem. Fill out our contact form or give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control plan and additional services today.

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Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Bechtelsville, PA

In running a business, you’ll come across many threats that can potentially take everything you worked so hard to build and send it crashing down in an instant if you don't handle the matter fast enough. This same issue of threats applies when pests enter your place of business.

Pests like cockroaches contaminate every surface they come across, whether your customer’s dinner plate or an employee's computer keyboard. Termites will eat the very foundation of your business. Lastly, rodents will gnaw their way into your business and wreak havoc on anything they can chew on. These factors are ways pests can ruin your business, especially if a customer or employee sees them.

At Moyer Pest Control, we know that no one pest infestation is like any other. We take the time to perform a personalized inspection and commercial pest control treatment plan to ensure we treat your business’s pest infestation to meet its specific needs.


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Why Mosquitoes Should Be Eliminated From Your Bechtelsville Yard

Do you know mosquitoes are considered the most deadly creature in the world? These pests are responsible for over one million deaths each year, and this is what earned them this title. For that reason, they do not need to be in your yard.

West Nile virus, Zika virus, and malaria are the most well-known mosquito-borne diseases that have taken many lives. With these pests out of your yard, contracting these diseases is drastically reduced.

All too often, homeowners wonder why their home seems to have more of a mosquito problem than other homes in the neighborhood, and the number one reason is that your yard has aspects that attract mosquitoes.

Only female mosquitoes feed on humans solely for reproductive purposes. So if you feel you have a mosquito infestation in your yard and are constantly getting bit every time you set foot outdoors, you have things going on in your yard that attract them.

Let’s take a look at what some of those attractors can be:

  • Standing Water: Female mosquitoes need as little as one ounce of standing water to lay eggs. If you have any areas of shallow standing water under two feet, it’s ideal breeding grounds and attracts mosquitoes.
  • Yard Debris: Mosquitoes don’t like wind, so any leaves, sticks, compost piles, or thick vegetation are great hiding places and breeding grounds.
  • Clogged Gutters: Clogged gutters provide standing water and hiding places ideal for breeding grounds. By keeping your gutters clean, you eliminate two of their significant attractors.

Once you know what’s attracting mosquitoes to your home, you can actively work to remove them. At Moyer Pest Control, we have mosquito control services designed explicitly for mosquitoes. Call to get your services started today.


What Everyone In Bechtelsville Ought To Know About Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are rodents characterized by their two front incisors that constantly grow, causing an incessant need to chew on things to keep their teeth filed down—unfortunately, this constant need to chew damages your home or business. If you’re like most people, the moment you see a mouse or rat, your concern isn’t necessarily about identifying which is which, but more so how to get them off your property, and for a good reason too!

Both mice and rats may vary in size and specific physical features, but you can be sure that they’re on your property searching for four specific things: food, water, shelter, and warmth.

Over time, mice and rodents have grown accustomed to living with humans and slightly depend on us to survive; this makes them commensal. However, the combination of mice and rats and humans don’t mix.

Here are a few things you should know about mice and rats:

  • They contaminate food and other products with their droppings, saliva, and urine.
  • They carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites on your property.
  • They carry diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, salmonellosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.
  • They can conform their bodies to fit into small openings or cracks on your property’s exterior.
  • You should never attempt to remove mice or rats on your own.

The last point is the most important. If you see mice or rats in or around your home, never try to remove them on your own. The health risks they come with are far too dangerous and only best handled by pest professionals. Contact Moyer Pest Control to remove any size rat or mouse infestation.


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