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Are Wolf Spiders In Souderton Something I Should Be Scared Of?

Are wolf spiders dangerous? Are wolf spiders poisonous? These terrifying creatures certainly look like a threat, but are they something you should be scared of? Here’s what Souderton homeowners should know about how to identify wolf spiders, the dangers they pose, the safest way to get rid of them, and how to keep them away from your property with pest control in Souderton.

How To Identify Wolf Spiders

The first thing that many people notice about wolf spiders is their size. Including the length of their legs, wolf spiders can grow up to five inches. These critters also have hairy bodies and legs, which is why some people may mistake them for tarantulas at first glance. They have dark stripes that line their legs and bodies, although their coloring can vary from tan to brown, black, or gray.

Their hairy bodies are just one of the ways wolf spiders have earned their name. Do wolf spiders jump? While they can’t jump as high as some spiders, wolf spiders are capable of jumping, and they’ll typically use this skill to pounce on their prey. Wolf spiders don’t build webs to catch prey as other spiders do. Instead, they hunt on foot, like a wolf.

a wolf spider crawling in a living room

What do wolf spiders eat?

A wolf spider’s diet primarily consists of insects, and in some cases, small amphibians. It’s not unusual for them to hang around your porch or your deck to hunt insects, and if your home has a pest problem, they may even try to find their way inside. 

The Dangers Of Wolf Spiders On Your Property

Given their large size and how quickly they move, wolf spiders can seem terrifying – but are wolf spiders venomous? Do they really pose a threat to humans? Yes, wolf spiders are venomous like any other spider, but they are not considered medically dangerous to humans.

They are capable of biting, but wolf spiders aren’t generally aggressive. Most of the time, a wolf spider will only bite a person if they feel cornered or as if they have no other choice. These fast spiders are more likely to try and flee from you than they are to bite – but wolf spider bites can happen from time to time.

If you are bitten by a wolf spider, the good news is that their venom isn’t potent enough to be harmful. While you may experience some initial pain, swelling, and redness, these symptoms should go away on their own – unless you’re allergic to a wolf spider’s venom. 

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders

Although wolf spiders aren’t considered medically dangerous unless you’re allergic, that doesn’t mean you should try to go toe-to-toe with these spiders on your own. A wolf spider’s bite can still be painful, so the safest way to get rid of them is by working with the pros at Moyer Pest Control.

With years of experience and specialists that you can trust, our experts at Moyer Pest Control can safely and effectively remove wolf spiders from your Souderton property and home. If you have seen wolf spiders hanging around or just suspect that you might have them, we’re only a phone call away – contact us at Moyer Pest Control to learn more about how our residential pest control and commercial pest control services can help you.

How To Keep Wolf Spiders Away From Your Property

Wolf spiders can easily slip through the cracks, but there are ways to prevent them from coming inside your home or starting an infestation, such as:

  • Practice proper food and trash storage: Wolf spiders won’t touch human food, but your leftovers or other food scraps in your home may attract their pest prey. Make sure you keep any food sealed in plastic containers and a tight lid on your indoor and outdoor trash cans.
  • Get rid of excess clutter: Spiders like to hide in cluttered areas, and that includes wolf spiders. Regularly clearing out storage areas or other clutter can help prevent these spiders from nesting in your home.
  • Store firewood several feet away from your home: Some spiders may like to hide in firewood or woodpiles, and keeping these too close to your home can provide spiders with easy access to your home.
  • Seal up any cracks or crevices: Spiders only need a couple of cracks to get inside your home, so sealing off gaps or holes near your foundation with caulking or another sealant can help prevent their entry.

Finally, if you have outdoor porch or deck lights, you could be attracting insects to the light – and in turn, this can attract wolf spiders. 

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