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Are The Spiders In Souderton Dangerous?

Spiders In Souderton

Spiders are curious animals. First, they inspire curiosity. They're able to cling to walls and climb them. Then they're able to create strands of material from their bodies to make webs. And, perhaps the most curious thing of all, is that all spiders have fangs and venom, yet most spiders aren't considered a medical threat to humans. Spiders are also curious in that they wonder what is in a gap or crack. Their curiosity can bring them into your home. When this happens, you may be curious about how worried you should be. You're in luck. Today, we're going to discuss what you can expect from Souderton spiders when they curiously find their way into your home.

a bed bug crawling on a surface inside of a home in pennsylvania

Spiders Are Scary

You can expect spiders to give you a jump scare. Spiders are strange to look at and they behave in a strange manner, it can be scary to encounter one inside your home. Spiders can appear in many unexpected places, such as on a wall over your bathroom light switch or on the floor of your bathroom where you're about to step. You can slide open the shower curtain and find a big, hairy spider on the drain of your tub, or open a box you got from the attic and find a creepy spider inside. Jump scares are common with spiders.

Spiders Are Mostly Docile

The good news about spiders is that most scary encounters do not result in a bite. Spiders are not generally aggressive. If you move away from them slowly, you shouldn't have any issues. Some spiders are so docile, you can even handle them without being bitten. Wolf spiders are a good example of this. They're big, hairy, and scary, but very docile animals.

Spiders Are Reclusive

Many spiders will hang out in the still areas of your home where you're not likely to ever see them. Since this is the case, these spiders aren't likely to come in contact with you unless you go into these areas. When spiders get into your home, it isn't like having wasps, fire ants, or some other pest that protects its nest and gathers together into a swarm to attack you. Most spiders will pay no attention to you at all unless you handle them or press up against them.

Spiders Eat Insects

Since you're not an insect, spiders don't have any reason to bite you—unless you startle them. If you go into an area where spiders are lurking, they'll pay no attention to you at all, or they will move away from you. That's pretty much it. They're never going to come rushing at you to bite you. If you press against one, or touch its web—well, all bets are off. Some spiders will perceive you as a threat.

The Two Spiders To Be Concerned About

In the entire United States, there are only two types of spiders that are considered to be a medical concern. You can probably name them. They are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. Brown recluse spiders are not native to the state and usually only become an issue when they are transported from a state where they have a local population. Black widows spiders are native to Pennsylvania but they are rarely encountered. Both of these spiders are reclusive. But you should be aware of a few facts about them.

Black Widow Spiders

  • Black widows don't prefer to live inside man-made structures.

  • Black widows develop webs in locations where they can eat large insects. If you don't have large insects in your home, this is one more reason for widows to stay outside.

  • Black widows develop recognizable webs that have strong strands. If you see a firm, tangled web in a void, we recommend you have it checked out by a professional.

  • Deaths due to black widow spiders are rare in the United States, but the venom from these spiders has the potential to make you very sick.

  • A black widow can cause a dry bite. This is when no venom is injected into the wound. A dry bite will not have any symptoms. 

Brown Recluse Spiders

  • Brown recluse spiders like to live in man-made structures and can have large populations inside a structure.

  • These spiders can hide in stored furniture and in the voids within stored objects. Be cautious when purchasing used items from a state where brown recluse spiders are endemic.

  • The venom of a brown recluse can cause necrosis, but most bites do not result in the spread of necrosis. It is still best to have a physician monitor brown recluse bites, just in case.

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