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Are Clover Mites Causing A Problem In Your West Chester Home?

Tiny Red Bugs, Big Annoyance

In life, there are many things that can cause mighty big problems for homeowners. Termites eating away at the inside of support structures for years is a mighty big problem. Cockroaches multiplying inside walls for months, spreading bacteria and disease is also a mighty big problem, and rodents chewing their way into your home, destroying belongings, and spreading excrement wherever they roam are big problems.

Today, we're going to be talking about a pest that can cause a lot of problems; it's called a clover mite, and while these are small pests, they can be very annoying.

a clover crawling on a leaf outside of a home in west chester pennsylvania

What Is A Clover Mite?

Before we describe what clover mites are, let's talk about what they are not. Clover mites are not insects, like cockroaches or flies. Clover mites are mites, and mites are minute arachnids which means they are related to creatures like scorpions, ticks, and spiders. They are around .75 mm in length, have eight legs, and are red or black in appearance.

Mites do not bite—at least not humans. A clover mite's red appearance has nothing to do with consuming blood. It is simply the color of their bodies and this coloration will stain anything mites happen to be on when they are squished.

Are Clover Mites Too Small To See?

Some people mistakenly believe that clover mites are invisible to the naked eye. This is not true. While some other kinds of mites, such as dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, clover mites can be seen. They are just very very tiny.

Can Clover Mites Be Mistaken For Other Bugs?

Sometimes clover mites can be mistaken for chiggers because these two pests look a lot alike. Chiggers look like clover mites because they are actually mites, only a juvenile form of mites. While clover mites eat vegetation, chiggers feed on people.

Sometimes people think that clover mites are bed bugs, or vice versa. Immature bed bugs are tiny and can appear red after they have had a blood meal. But these are two very different pests requiring different methods of elimination. If you're not sure which pest has infested your home, contact Moyer for accurate pest identification.

Are Clover Mites Destructive?

These tiny arachnids can invade crops in mass numbers and cause quite a bit of destruction. When they come into homes, they can cause problems there as well. If they enter in large enough numbers, they can cause a mite-y (mighty) big problem if they are squished on furniture, curtains, and other surfaces, causing red staining that, in some cases, can not be cleaned.

Prevention Tips To Keep Clover Mites Out

  • Inspect the outside of your foundation and seal up cracks, holes and gaps. Look very close, clover mites can fit through the tiniest of cracks. Pay close attention to the seals around door and window frames.

  • Trim back vegetation from the perimeter of your home. This will deter many kinds of pests from getting too close to the exterior of your home.

  • Repair any water-damaged wood on your home. Clover mites are attracted to mold and mildew, so preventing water damage can make your home less attractive to clover mites. It will also help keep pests such as rodents, termites, and carpenter ants at bay.

  • Partner with a professional pest control company. Pest control technicians know how to apply appropriate products in appropriate amounts to key areas to stop clover mites from getting into a home.

Pest Control Services For Clover Mites In West Chester

If you have pest problems in West Chester, whether they are mighty big problems, such as issues with termites, cockroaches, or rodents, or mite-y problems, Moyer Pest Control is here to help! We offer year-round pest control plans in West Chester that will keep home-invading pests out all year long. If you are seeing clover mites and need assistance getting rid of them, or if you are not sure what you are seeing and need help with identification, give us a call today. We are confident that we can help you!

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