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Answering Souderton's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions

Everything You Need To Know About Mice

Do you have a mouse problem? It wouldn't be surprising. Mice commonly get into Souderton homes—even new homes. The most common mouse species that invades homes is aptly named the house mouse. This is the mouse we'll be referring to today. Other small rodent species, such as deer mice, meadow voles, etc, have different behavior patterns and abilities. Here are the most common questions we get about house mice.

mouse in pantry

"Can mice climb walls?"

  • Mice are great climbers. They can run up a tree, across a branch, and jump onto a roof that is three feet away.

  • A mouse can scale the side of a brick home like Spiderman. If the mouse can find tiny little dents in any exterior building material, it can get a grip and climb as fast as it can run across the ground.

  • A mouse can climb a thirteen-inch, smooth vertical surface.

  • A mouse may be able to work its way up to your roof by way of your gutter system. It is always best to put steel wire in your downspouts.  

"Can mice see in the dark?"

No. Mice do not have night vision. But you might think so. A mouse is able to quickly navigate locations in the pitch dark. This is because they use their whiskers to feel the objects around them.  

"What attracts mice to a house?"

This is an important question if you want to keep mice out of your Souderton home. Mice are drawn to a few key factors.

  • Dense vegetation allows mice to find hiding places near structures. It is best to keep your landscaping trimmed and neat.

  • Mice have a preference for seeds. They'll eat bird seeds that fall from feeders, and also grass seed that is sprinkled around in a lawn.

  • Any open trash is an open invitation. Mice can find many food options inside a bag of garbage. They also have the means to climb and jump in trash receptacles that you would think are too high for them to get into.

"What makes a mouse want to live in my house?"

Your house doesn't need to have anything in it to attract a mouse. A mouse can live with you simply because it is safer than being outside. But they are strongly food motivated. A mouse eats several times a day and prefers to live as close to a food source as possible. 

  • A clean home is a mouse-resistant home. It only takes some crumbs to feed a mouse.

    Consider only eating in your kitchen and dining room. This prevents food crumbs from being left in other locations of the house.

  • Don't leave unprotected food out on your counters.

  • Consider storing pantry food in sealed containers.

  • If you have a pet, put their food down during meals and then pick it up.

"How do I keep mice out of my house?"

One of the most important things you can do is seal potential entry points in your exterior. The tools for this job are silicone caulk, expanding foam, and hardware cloth. Keep in mind that a mouse can squeeze through any hole it can fit its small head through. Most adult mice can easily get through a hole the size of a dime. If the hole isn't big enough, mice have strong teeth that can chew through many building materials, such as wood, sheetrock, and plaster. 

"Does one mouse mean I have an infestation?"

It usually does. Sorry. There are two reasons why we say this.

  • Mice don't prefer to be seen. You can have hundreds of mice in your home and never see a mouse.

  • Mice reproduce incredibly fast. A female mouse can produce five to ten litters in a year. Each litter can have three to fourteen pups. 

"How do I get rid of mice?"

House mice can be extremely difficult to control. They have many behavior patterns that protect them from harm. They also have abilities that allow them to avoid traps. The worst-case scenario is when a mouse is harmed by a trap but survives long enough to crawl away into a wall void and die. This can create conditions for added pest problems. You may also smell that dead mouse. It's not a good situation. We recommend hiring a professional for this job.

Mouse Control In Souderton

Do you need mouse control? Let us know. At Moyer Pest Control, we use a multi-pronged approach to mouse control. Our technicians can seal entry points in your exterior, holes that mice have created inside your home, deploy tamper-resistant traps to cull populations, and apply other control options as the situation requires. You'll always get professional rodent control with Moyer Pest Control. Reach out to us today and request a rodent control inspection to get started. 

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