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All The Ways Spiders Find Their Way Into Souderton Homes

Common Spiders In Souderton

Finding spiders in your Souderton home is never a pretty sight, but how do you know if it’s a dangerous one? In this part of Pennsylvania, residents are most likely to run into these common spiders: 

spider on a wall

House spiders: The common house spider is usually on the smaller side, growing around a quarter inch in length. While their coloring can vary, most house spiders have darker brown or tan stripes on their legs.

Wolf spiders: While their hairy legs and large bodies may be terrifying at first glance, wolf spiders aren’t dangerous to humans. Rather than build webs, this species prefers to use their long, fast legs to hunt prey on foot. 

Both of the species listed above may not be welcome in Souderton homes, but they’re harmless to humans. However, two more uncommon spiders could pose a risk to humans: 

Black widow spiders: Black widows are rare in Souderton, but occasionally make their way into homes. This dangerous species is extremely venomous, and you can usually recognize their dark, glossy bodies by the red hourglass-shaped marking on the bottom of their abdomens. 
Brown recluse spiders: Brown recluse spiders are also pretty rare in Souderton, but if you spot one, you can identify them by the violin-shaped mark on their cephalothorax.

Whether you’re dealing with a harmless house spider or a venomous black widow, spiders are never a good sign in Souderton. Here’s what homeowners should understand about why spiders come into homes, how you can prevent them, and what to do if you’re constantly finding spiders around your house. 

Why Do Spiders Get Inside Souderton Homes?

While there are plenty of pests and bugs that enter homes because they smell food or water, spiders aren’t one of them. Spiders couldn’t care less about human food, but they are interested in the pest prey that’s already in your home. They often follow other insects inside and may stick around if there’s enough prey to sustain them. So, most of the time, if you’ve got a spider infestation in your house, you’ve also got a problem with other insects and pest prey. 

How To Prevent Spiders In Souderton, PA

If you’re worried that spiders may take a liking to your Souderton home, there’s a couple of tips for keeping them (and the insects they follow in) away from your house, such as: 

Seal up potential entry points: To deter spiders and other pests, the first step is always preventing them from getting inside. The easiest way to do this is by sealing up potential entry points, like cracks, crevices, or other gaps near your home’s foundation, with a sealant like caulk. If you’ve got window or door screens, you’ll also want to regularly check for rips or tears in the screens and replace them if you find any.

Don’t leave food sitting out: Food is a big attraction for a lot of insects or pest prey that spiders may follow inside. Make sure you’re not leaving food sitting out in the open or dirty dishes in the sink overnight, and you’re regularly sweeping up food crumbs and spills.

Keep your trash cans sealed: Even if you’re properly storing your food, open or overfilled trash cans can also bring pests inside. Be sure to keep your garbage cans properly sealed and regularly empty them once they get full.

Deal with unnecessary clutter: Spiders love homes that provide them with plenty of hiding spots. If you’ve got excess clutter, like storage boxes or piles of clothing, lying around, you could be providing spiders with a place to hide. Eliminating clutter will force spiders out into the open.

Don’t ignore moisture issues: Moisture issues, like leaky faucets or plumbing problems, can draw pest prey in, so you should address moisture issues as soon as you discover them. 

How To Deal With A Spider Infestation In Souderton, PA

If you’ve got too many spiders in your Souderton home, eliminating the problem also means dealing with the pest prey they’ve followed inside. Rather than waste time or money on DIY treatments that won’t get the job done, the most effective form of spider control is a professional one – like Moyer Pest Control. 

If you’re finding one too many spiders around your house, there’s no reason to let these unwelcome guests overstay their welcome. Contact us at Moyer Pest Control today for more information about how our spider control services work. 

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