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Everything You Don't Want To Know About Bed Bugs

There is something about the bed bug that makes us all wrinkle our noses in distaste whenever we think about them. People often find it difficult to believe that an infestation of these pesky creatures could possibly happen without anyone noticing. The bed bug epidemic is on the rise across the country. In truth, we all probably know someone who has suffered from a bed bug infestation at one time…

bites from a bed bug



Are Bed Bug Bites Itchy?

It happens to everyone. A sudden burning itch on the ankle or arm. A simple scratch and it’s gone, right? But, it’s not. It just keeps itching so you keep scratching until you finally take a closer look and discover it looks more like a bite you don’t remember getting. It is doubtful that there are many people in the our country that haven’t had a mystery bite that they…

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Enjoy A Bed Bug-Free 2017

By now you have probably heard that bed bugs are a serious problem. These blood-eating pests are being found in practically every nook and cranny of the country. And, now more than ever, it is vital to learn how to prevent a bed bug infestation. Make your 2017 resolution be to read down through this quick list of bed bug facts.

bed bug up close



Winter Bed Bugs: Snug as a Bug in a Bed

This time of year, we don't have to worry as much about bugs getting into our homes. If they haven't already gotten in, most bugs have gone into hiding. But bed bugs are not your typical bug. They can get into your home any time of the year. Here's why.

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