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Bed Bugs In Second-hand Furniture

Who doesn't like getting a great deal, especially on items that are normally quite expensive? It is no wonder that auctions, yard sales, and discount furniture shops are so appealing. Even if the item you are looking at is going to need to be stripped and refinished, painted, or touched up in some other way, it is worth putting the elbow grease in. It is possible to grab a piece of furniture from…

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Bed Bugs In Senior Housing

There are many options available when it comes time to decide where you want to live during your retirement. For some, it is ideal to leave the frustrations of maintaining a property to live in something more manageable, or to leave isolation and become part of a community. Senior housing can be a great move for many.



Bringing Home Bed Bugs

Do you have college kids? If you do, this is one article you don't want to skip. Bed bugs are a growing issue all across the country, and it is one that causes homeowners to take drastic and dangerous measures to control.

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Colors And Bed Bugs

Does color matter to bed bugs? Maybe! Which colors do they prefer and which do they shun? Moyer Pest knows, and now you can too!

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