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bed bug up close on west chester resident



Why Turn To The West Chester Professionals For Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs might just be the most dreaded of all bugs you could have in your home. Think about it – they’re little insects that feast on your blood! They may as well be vampires, despite their small size. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, although they swell up when they have just had a blood meal and turn reddish in color. These insects are disgusting and no one wants bugs…

bed bug up close



Top Five Places Bed Bugs Are Found

In recent years, the United States has had a resurgence of an old enemy, the bed bug. Once thought to be all but eradicated, the bed bug has made a huge comeback and has now been found in every state across the country. It turns out that these tiny bugs are resilient and are seasoned travelers. It is extremely easy for them to go from person to person. Whether they are hitching a ride in luggage…

bed bug dog and trainer



What To Do If You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Let's be honest; we don't like to spend money on something we can fix on our own, do we? And, with self-help videos and articles available with a few clicks of the mouse, it is easy to run to the internet when bed bugs appear. But, here are two reasons you may want to get those bed bugs taken care of by a pest control professional.

bed bug on person



Bed Bugs: A Year-Round Problem

Every year millions of people travel back and forth across the United States. Visiting family, traveling for work, going across the country for school, or taking a much-needed vacation are all a part of today’s life for many Americans. Another thing that is a fact of life today is the problem of bed bugs. They are now found in every state and many of us have gotten into the habit of doing…

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