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bed bug dog and its handler



K9 Bed Bug Inspectors in West Chester

Are you finding red, rashy welts on your skin or, worse, your child's skin? Have you noticed blood stains or insect casings in your bed? Have you pulled up the edges of your sheets and found hundreds of bugs congregating on the corners of your mattress? If you have, and you live in West Chester, PA, you'll be glad to know that K9 bed bug inspectors are now available.

bed bug crawling on skin



End Of Summer Travel Has Bed Bugs On The Move

This is the time of year when travel hits its peak. Lots of people are taking advantage of late summer vacation deals and some off-season bargains. Or just trying to squeeze out that last bit of summer fun. If you find yourself on the road, be aware that when humans travel, bed bugs travel too.

bed bug eggs and casings



Bed Bug Safety: Heading Back To College

College dormitories are a high-risk zone for the spread of bed bugs because these blood-eating pests are hitchhikers. Not in the way that ticks and fleas hitchhike. You're not likely to pick a bed bug up while walking through some grass or wading through some tall bushes. These insects live almost entirely inside human structures. But when humans move around, bed bugs move with them. They hide in…

bed bug crawling on upholstery



Summer Travel And Bed Bugs Solutions

When we travel, we go inside a lot. We might go inside a hotel or a motel to spend the night. We might go inside a plane, train, or bus to travel a long distance. And we may go inside a taxi cab or some other form of public transportation for shorter trips. Each time we go inside, we should be aware that bed bugs have been found infesting all these places. If you don't want these pests to come…

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