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bed bug crawling in carpeting



Bed Bugs In Spring

There are a lot of bugs that can get into our homes in fall and winter. Some of them, like lady bugs, stink bugs, and boxelder bugs, don't prefer to be in our homes. There are too few food resources for them to thrive. So, when spring arrives, those bugs are going to fly the coup. But there are some pests that do not go anywhere when the warm temperatures return. One of those bugs is the bed bug.

bed bug on hospital bed



Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

There are a lot of misconceptions about the appearance of bed bugs in this country. Once, these tiny creatures were thought to be more of a myth than a fact when they almost seemed to have died out; but, in recent years, bed bugs have made a comeback. This time, they mean business. Bed bug infestations have been reported all over the country and in all kinds of unlikely places.

students taking test in classroom



Pennsylvania Schools Battle Bed Bugs

In the war against bed bugs, Pennsylvania schools are finding themselves on the frontline. This is because bed bugs aren't a bug that crawls across school grounds and squeezes in through exterior walls, they come in on students. And leave on students. If you just gasped when you read that, we understand. This is a startling thought. For most of us, we think of bed bugs as those disgusting bugs…

bed bug crawling in west chester home



What Can I Do About Bed Bugs?

As careful as you are, bed bugs may still sneak into your West Chester home or business; know their signs and what you can do by reading on.

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